Public market: sellers,buyers & bystanders. Part 5: Thailand


Great pictures, as usual… a little short this time. I’m not complaining, but I like when you post plenty. :wink:

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Hi there:

I devoted a huge amount of my time in Thailand to go temple chasing for both Khmer and Thai archeological sites and trekking in the Golden Triangle. Besides, Thailand is quite a developed country and typical or out of the ordinary public markets are not so numerous… Next week presentation will be quite different… Marc


Are you still there


Right now I’m at: 45° 19′ 00″ N and 72° 25′ 00″ W quite a long distance from Thailand, isn’t it? But If I can be of any help just ask privately or not. Cheers Marc


Did you get a lot of snow?

Glad you chased archeological sites there. I love archeology and studied it with an amazing professor who took us all over the north and northeast to study those sites. Thailand was heavily influenced in all aspects by the mighty, ancient Khmer.

Handmade silver jewelry and quilt made by hilltribe people esp. Hmong and Mein are amazing.

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Hello again!

Up to now: nada but the forecast for tomorrow is 10 to 15 cm nothing to write my mum about… But since we have total accumulation on the ground of 60 cm it’s white all over! Marc



Mexico has also a whole lot of exquisite archeological sites. I did them all in Chiapas but souvenirs from Bonampak, Yaxchilán and Tonina will forever be on my mind… Teotihuacan is also very very impressive but very much busy like Chichen Itza . If Covid-19 gives the planet a break, Guatemala and Tikal should be next on my list.

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Lucky you. I do want to take trips to those ancient sites. One of these days!!!

What an amazing trip and think of the wonders lidar will illuminate soon! Hope they can be preserved as well as the jungle and people have done until now