Puerto Rico, Southern Florida, Caribbean

Sending payers to the people of Puerto Rico as they suffer yet another un-natural disaster. I’ll be sending money to but I will wait for @Caesar to let us know where would be best to direct it.


I’m still trying to contribute to people that lost their businesses due to COVID lockdowns.
But I hope the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as the last hurricane, a major one, that pounded Puerto Rico.


Thank you for the prayers my friend.

Apologies for the delay. I got my electricity back yesterday, I was on a diesel generator before that. The house internet wasn’t working, and the phone’s data was iffy for a while. I did manage to log in once, but (to answer the question) I wasn’t sure who was handling the relief efforts for Puerto Rico.

After doing some light searching with my parents on their social media, I mostly saw local businesses doing some fundraising, but I didn’t see any organized relief efforts that I could recognize.

My own house wasn’t battered too bad, but some people have lost trees, and I’ve seen landslides in several places, including some that sank a portion of road.

The big issue now is that not everyone has electricity… apparently some weird political posturing between the electrical company (LUMA) who wants to raise prices, and the local mayors, many of whom have been doing a great job of fixing things in Luma’s stead, removing any practical objections Luma may have had to providing the people with energy. I get the feeling we’ll be seeing repercussions to this eventually.

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