Purple Forest Guava - Psidium eugeniaefolia


Purple Forest Guava - Psidium eugeniaefolia

A guava relative from Brazil flowering for the first time. I planted these from seed I got from Tradewinds Fruit over five years ago.





I have this one… in Brazil the call it araçá una… :blush:


Nice, has yours fruited? …if so, have you found it tasty or useful?


I also have Cas Guava - Psidium friedrichsthalianum flowering for the first time.


Hi! This one i didn’t taste yet but this year my small tree is full of flowers… but i’m shure it’s very usefull because in terms of nutrition is very very rich! I have more araçá varieties like araçá do campo and araçá roxo, besides the usual yellow and red… I love araçás! Yummy! :yum:


My araçá roxo is like this one, almost black big and sweet! The true araçá una is smaler and more tart…


The leaves are very similar.


Yes, leaves are allways the same except on my araçá do campo that is almost heart shape. The true araçá una the fruits are round and on my araçá roxo they are a bit pear shape, not totaly round. I have photos on my thread…


Ah, so that is Psidium guineense… i’ve heard good things about that one!


Some feijoa, araça do campo, araça roxo and tamarillo…


Yes i love them! They are very good! :yum:


Psidium guineense looks a lot like Lemon Guava - Psidium cattleianum var lucidum

Loaded this year


My araçá do campo is PSIDIUM LONGIPETIOLATUM. Is very rare. The leaves are heart shape. I love them, they have a lemony sweet taste and produce a lot!


What part of cali you from?



Beautiful healthy plant! That is Psidium longipetiolatum? Am I mistaken in seeing new emerging leaves as red? Looks like I need to find me some araçá do campo seeds and add another Psidium to my collection!
I have one called Arrayan - Psidium sartorianum which has not flowered yet… it is said to have a tart, lemony but pleasant flavor. I was hoping it would flower and fruit this season but no luck yet.


Hi! Yes the new leaves are red/copper colour…


My Purple Forest Guavas are distinctly pear shaped…