Purple Heart hybrid plum compatibility

Looking to graft Purple Heart plum scion this spring. Can anyone list the varieties they’ve had success grafting Purple Heart to? Or any potential graft incompatibility with this one? I’m not seeing anything here or online.

My current plum trees that I have to graft onto (excluding euros)-
Santa Rosa
Flavor supreme
Flavor grenade
Flavor king
Flavor Queen
Dapple dandy

Worth mentioning - I have Lavina on K1 coming this spring that I could use as well, but not sure this is a good option since it would be newly planted.

Thanks in advance for any help here.

Hey I’m just learning about this myself. It seems to be a hybrid Asian and American (wild) plum. I would guess it would graft to an Asian plum. I am grafting to what I think is a wild plum in my yard (very thorny). Looks like all the Asian plums and pluots (and capulin cherry) are going to work. So according to this chart below, it’s behaving like an Asian plum. That would mean the hybrid is sorta like Asian x Asian and I’d guess will work with any of those types

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Hi Dave,
This website says it’s a hybrid of p Salicina and p Americana, so based on that it should be graft compatible with any of your Asians or native p Americana if you have them. I also read where it’s Asian parentage is Satsuma, so if in doubt you might try that first.
Let me know how it works. I don’t have that variety yet, but it does look like a nice one to try.

Good luck
Kent, wa

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Mine is grafted to a Flavor Supreme and does okay.


I never had any plum incompatibility, even with Euros and Asians where they say don’t graft a Euro to an Asian (I did it by mistake and never repeated, but the graft lasted). Graft away!


Satsuma and Superior were going to be my first choices… I recall Scott mentioning Satsuma having a lot of similarities to Purple Heart.

Good to know Scott. I’ll feel better grafting knowing I’ll have a better success rate. Originally planned to add an entire tree from Fedco but reconsidering with my limited space situation.

If you have enough buds you can try several using chip buds to improve cross pollination across your trees, only takes one bud to grow a new branch! That way you can test several issues compatibility for grafting vs pollination which depends more on timing of when blossoms are receptive. Just a thought!

Just a thought.

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