Purple Leaf Plums Varities with Edible Fruit

I am looking for different varieties of purple or red leaf plums with edible fruit.

The varieties that I have found are: Hollywood, Cocheco, and Nichols. I also understand that some varieties typically marketed as ornamental have small cherry-sized fruits.

Do you know of any other types?

Can someone confirm if Nichols is European or Asian. I have seen it designated as both in different places.

I have some Western sand cherry. They have beautiful purple foliage, but as of yet I don’t know if they fruit or not.

Here is an article by Arthur Lee Jacobson,about different varieties,of which some are fruit bearing.
I used his book,Trees of Seattle,to locate a few Spencer and collect scion wood.

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My favorite of all is Hollywood plum. It is reliable, good size plum with richness of flavor not seen in lighter color varieties. My tree is 20 years old, not too big, about 10 or 12 feet. They can be grown from cuttings. Early bloomer.

I have an ornamental, Crimson Pointe plum. They are actually quite tasty, size of big sweet cherry but large seed so not much flesh. I like standing by the tree and eating them. Early bloomer.