Purple raspberries send suckers?

i have a Royalty purple raspberry all by itself about 6ft from my red raspberries i keep getting suckers popping up around it. thought it was the reds sending them up but i continuue to get suckers popping up even after tilling in between them. upon closer inspection of the suckers. they are dark like the royalty. i didnt think purples suckered? most new growth usually comes from the crown. anyone with purples have this happen?

I planted Royalty in spring 2017 and yes, they run, but no where near on the scale that my reds or the one black (Bristol) that I have does.

thanks thats good to know. i also didnt know black raspberry suckered. my ohio treasure so far has stayed put. i may harvest the suckers of the Royalty and start another row of them. they are heavy producers here and make the best jam.


I’m not really aware of any raspberry that doesn’t reproduce by sending out underground runners @steveb4 .

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Agreed, every raspberry or blackberry I have ever known will send out more through the roots further away from the original plant than I expected.

The good news? After losing all my Heritage raspberry canes and my Marionberry canes last fall to VHA taking everything I dug up, some have come back! Fearing they might spray or otherwise destroy them, I attempted early in spring to dig some out and put into planters on the patio, and the leaves all died (stem of one still green so it might be alive at the roots) but one I dug out a week ago is doing well.

Consider it a gift.

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