Purple raspberry habits

I have one each of ‘Royalty’, Glencoe, and Brandywine purples. They’re all young but so far, it seems like while royalty spreads and suckers like a red, the other two seem to grow like a black raspberry in a clump.

Can anyone else confirm?


i have royalty and i was suprised at how much it suckers. i always thought purples stayed put like blacks.


My Royalty is only in its second season and doing this.

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My loganberry is the king of sending up an abundance of primo’s. Right off the crown… already a foot tall or more and dense. They are not shy of producing much new canes.


Logan does ok for you?

Always heard it wasn’t a big fan of humid climates and our winter temperature swings.

Yes… logans do great here in z7a TN.

I have them in morning sun location… no direct sunshine after noon and they love it.

They are early too… and produce long.

May 24 or so first ripe… and ripen for near 2 months. A good 1.5.

Very flavorful but quite tart. Great in jam or eaten with other sweeter berries.


How do they do w/SWD?

Are you growing the original thorny type?

I got mine from OGW … thornless. 4 or 5 years ago.

SWD show up here when wild blackberries are ripe… early July to mid August depending on rain.

The Logans start ripening May 24… and finish up early-mid July.

Works great for SWD here. They fruit most heavily in June and no SWD here at that time.

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Royalty is mostly red raspberry, not 50/50 like most other purples. I would much prefer suckering to tip rooting when propagating.


If you are thinking about trying logans…

One crown may be all you need… may be more than you need. I have 2 crowns and they cover a 8 x 12 trellis and run off the ends and across the yard… I have to prune them back to limit them to the 8 x 12 trellis.

And I honestly think that one crown would fill up that same trellis space.

One crown here easily sends out 6 or more canes… 12 to 14 ft long.

A couple of pics from last year… and in the pic is not even half of the total canes.


I may have to try a LoganBerry. I have mostly black raspberries right now, plus those purples. I also have a wild yellow black raspberry I bought from Oikos, about six days before they went out of business, it will fruit this year.

I’ve grown reds in the past, but my favorite bramble is definitely black raspberry.

I may add some blackberries including Loganberry.

wish they grew here. they look awesome!

Tayberry seems like it might come through winter for me at z4. With proper protection I don’t think Logan is impossible either.

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