Purple Rose aprium

I tasted my first Aprium today that I purchased from a big box store. The variety was not labeled but they came from Family Tree Farms in california. Based on their website and description I’m positive it’s their Purple Rose aprium. A search does not reveal much info regarding the variety so I’m wondering if it may be a rebadge of a popular variety.

As for taste and texture it was delicious and very sweet. It had a crisp texture I really enjoyed. Maybe something I’d be interested in planting if it was available.

I wonder if i bought the same thing… 6 pack of them…walmart… I had a couple that were bland but one was very good/very sweet…nice texture/juicy…apricot skin…good color. If they are self fertile you could grow out some seeds and bud them over to another tree…?

Yes that is where I got mine. I must have gotten lucky because my family has mowed through 2 packs of them so far and they’ve all been delicious. I don’t have much history with interspecific fruit. I’ve had a handful of plout varieties none of which were labeled and I also have a 3x1 tree which hasn’t fruited yet. So far this Apriums are my favorite. They have a great combination of crunchy sweet and juicy texture. None of the Plouts I’ve tried have been as good. I wish I had the opportunity to try a home ripened FK or FS to compare.

I think i’ve bought these in years past at another grocery store…can’t find any info about the patent if there is one on them.
I think i’ll grow out these seeds (if they grow) and graft them to another tree and see what i get. I believe they are pollinated by an apricot.

They are actually plumcots, 50/50 hybrid. But for some reason, Kingsburg orchard markets them as " apriums." They were developed by Bradford Genectics. As far as their patent info, I don’t know.

If I remember correctly, I think the pits looked more plum like than apricot.

Good to know…that must be why they are purple vs apriums that all seem to be orange? The pit is plum for sure…i broke some open today. \ Its probably just an older plumcot…something along the lines of Spring Satin? Sure looks similar to those.

Seed looks more apricot to me. The ones I bought are from family tree farms, not Kingsburg orchards.

I bought one pound yesterday, too.


I visited Bradford Genectics.com and I’m pretty sure that “18A1016 PC” are purple rose Apriums.

They are found under the 6/13/2012 showings.

What do you think?