Push Plows

I cannot use a tiller since being run over by a tractor, it buggered up L1-L4 pretty bad, can’t be fixed.

So I borrowed a push plow, have well machined garden soil so it works great. Anyone using theirs in the garden or beds? Which one are you using, I’m down to choosing the Hoss or the better priced Maxim, both single wheel.

I will have to live 10 years to get the value out of the Hoss…pricey but very well made!

Hoss advised. Look up a Sauzahn and see if one would fit in your gardening life. They are used to aerate raised beds.

Have you used either the Maxim or the Hoss? Hand tools no-go. My hoes work for that just fine. I have used the Maxim, it comes now with “quick connect collet” and three tillage tools. Very handy and priced right.