Question about Bill's Nectar peachcot

Has anyone here ever produced a ripe fruit on Bill’s Nectar peachcot? I’ve done a fair amount of digging around on the internet, and can’t (so far) find a single comment or statement about the fruit, or the quality, or the flavor of the fruit. 20 years ago there were a fair number of peachcot trees in my area but they have since been pretty much lost for various reasons. I got some scions last year from a local fellow who claimed to still have them, but they turned out to be F4 or F5 generation trees and had a flavor like sugar water. I know he did have an F1, or F2 tree 20 years ago because he gave me a bucket of fruit back then and they were fantastic. I have ordered scions of Bill’s Nectar from Purvis this year, but can’t find anything about them fruiting,

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I grafted some scions,from Bob Purvis,about three years ago,onto a Peacotum.They produced fruit the last two.
It was okay in flavor,nothing sensational.I was expecting more,but may have been a little better the second


Ditto Jim. Can’t find any reviews. I’m curious, so I ordered a scion from purvis as well…

had a tree of it, 25+yrs ago, from Bear Creek Nursery. If it ever made a fryuit before it succumbed, several years later, I never saw it

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Thanks all! Sounds like there is a reason there isn’t much info about it. I’ll certainly give the scions I have on order a try, but guess I’ll continue the search.