Question about Peach Bud Grafting

Is single peach bud only flower bud? So no new shoot will come out?
If I do bud grafting on peach, should I only choose the buds of 3 stick together?

You only need one bud. If flowers come from that bud then pinch them off and vegetative growth will take over.

Here, watch this video:

Force the chip next-year but not this year. A colleague, nurseryman & friend in zone 6A Kentucky says many of his summer grafts die if they grow/are forced in the same year from winter cold.

Of course, it’s your call.


A single bud is usually vegetative and thus good for grafting/budding. If three buds usually the outside two are flower buds and center vegetative. So a single or triple will work for grafting.

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I did a little research before I started bud grafting.

Thanks for your good help.

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