Question about using bamboo for part of kiwi arbor

I’m preparing to build an arbor for two or three fuzzy kiwi vines. My question is if I build one large rectangular frame out of wood and then lay bamboo poles across it every 15" or so, and if the kiwi vines then grow all across the bamboo, what’s going to happen and what are my options going to be when the bamboo rots and falls apart? Will I be able to slide new poles underneath the vine to replace the old ones? Will the kiwi vine become relatively more self-supporting as it matures, being able to span significantly greater distances (i.e. several feet instead of 15" between poles) without support? Is using bamboo a stupid idea, and should I just use wood for the entire thing?

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("Is using bamboo a stupid idea ")

Well,I’dont think is a good idea, :smiley:
Kiwi needs a very strong long lasting support.
The vines are heavy . The fruit is heavy ( if you get a good crop?)
The vines are rampant growers, and very hard to put back up when the support fails.
Build it strong and for the long term .


I grow bamboo. Depending on the type you use, the bamboo could weaken and collapse within a year or two.

I’m building an arbor for muscadine vines and am using a half cattle panel for the roof. No worries about it eventually falling apart.

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I opted for minimal future repair interventions by using EMT. It’s not that expensive where I live.

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