Question about yellow leaves on my Lang jujube tree

Hello everyone,
The last March I planted one Lang jujube, one Li jujube in my garden, Zone 8, Texas. The Li jujube tree grows better than the Lang jujube. There has been 4 jujubes on the Li jujube tree while there is no fruit on the Lang jujube.

There are some yellow leaves on the Lang jujube, which I think something is wrong for the yellow leaves. I have a few photos of the Lang jujube tree, but I don’t see how to upload these photos with this post.

I do see a post in this forum having pictures inside the post. Can you tell me how to do that?

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You asked about how to post pics, I gave you a whole lot more. This link will help you and other new members know how to navigate the forum.

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i printscreened my reply to you and pasted it here, pls see pic below. If you click at the highlighted(in gray) icon of an arrow pointing up(indicating ‘upload’), it will ask you to browse for the picture and should be straightforward from there. Or if you have a window open for the folder(where photo is saved), you can simply drag and drop it to your reply

if that is too cumbersome, another way is to do what i just did. Open up your photo, then press “prt sc” key and go to your reply space and right-click on it and hit ‘paste’

btw, lang seems to be a biennial producer here in las vegas. Also, yellowing of some leaves(but not all), can be due to some type of stress, but not necessarily a killer. May also be due to an early autumn, due to some inexplicable cause.