Question on grape propagation

I’m excited to get started with propagation now that we’re through year one on our property. I have a question about my first foray-- we found a great small green grape variety growing wild near our house. I cut some new growth, cut them into sections with nodes (correct term?) close together, dipped the bottom in hormone, and stuck them in pots/soil. The question I have is, what now? Should I leave them outside until spring? Bring them inside? Put them on a heat mat inside or outside? Cover with ziplock?

FYI we live in the Puget Sound, pretty temperate here, zone 8b. We also do not yet have any greenhouse space, cold frames, etc.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I just push cuttings into ground and left it out whole winter. It grows in the spring.

I don’t think you have to try very hard with grapes cuttings. They sprout up like crazy in my compost bin after pruning. As a result, I have to dry out any grapevine trimmings before composting.

Pruned small cuttings in the grass, just sprout, you do have to be careful with pruned cuttings, like weeds!