Questions for ginger and turmeric grower


JustAnne4- The recent weather here has shown up with many days at the 92 to 96 degree temps, and a lot of that was with bright sunny blasts on leaves not under shade. The 5 gallon paint buckets with both ginger and turmeric are as pretty as ever in their shady present, as opposed to their sunny past where they were beat beyond recognition.


Yep. Here too. These can be grown in the shade if you like. There may be other cultural factors in play regarding how we do things differently. We also average 48" of rain/year - not sure where you are.
My turmeric is in as full sun as I have in my yard, and it loves it. It is ‘in ground’ so I don’t have to mess with watering it. Other things in pots I situate in the yard so as to only get morning sun until about 2PM - Curry Leaf, Jujube youngsters, fig youngsters and rooting figs, some herbs, etc. Water can be the issue or a potting mix that doesn’t modulate water well.
All ginger growing is local. :blush:


Would appear in India it takes 210 to 240 from planting to harvest. I’m going to try again next year. Start some in March and put in greenhouse as early as i can outside.


Thanks for all the help. The turmeric showed up finally


I want to thank everyone that offered advice on growing ginger. Purchased some at the local store. Planted it in a wash tub above ground between the house and large trees. This gave it direct noon time sun. Watered it almost every day. We do not get that much rain here, but it does get above 100 during July and Aug. Filled the tub to about 1 inch of water each time and let it drain. Planted on June 7, and harvested Oct. 10th, the day before our first freeze this year. It produced 8 new starts in that time and looked great. Having never messed with it before, I am amazed at the fragrance! Now, to figure out how to use it and how to overwinter some. This is a pic of some of it. Considering how late we planted, I consider it a victory and, as always, enjoy the discovery. Thanks again.



Do you have a picture of plants before you harvested them


Can ginger be grown successfully indoors under window sunlight (low uv)? Not looking for enough growth to eat it but just generally get it started or keep it alive over the winter?


Do not have a pic before harvest. This is a pic of the tub, and a pic of what is would have looked like. The stems were around 2.5 feet tall.


Yes you can grow it, and enough to eat too.!
I get mine warm and growing in like march in a large pot. Needs some light , ( window) but mostly WARM. After frost is over move out side. Partial sun, may want to tie it to a small stake, wind can break plants. I grow most of mine in pots with citrus trees , I tie it to the tree. Bring inside befor frost in the fall. It will Naturaly die back around mid December. Remove dead looking tops, Roots can be harvested then , divided ,or left in the soil and used as needed, year round.
I Allways have all the ginger I can use year round, and it’s really no trouble, as it is a companion of something else in a pot that I move in and out anyway.
It will die if it freezes. . So grow in a pot, bring inside during winter. It needs a long season to grow , as above ,…
March --December …warm , some sun , will tolerate shade.


Thanks Robert for the picture. Mine only about a foot tall probable don’t have anything can be harvested yet. Since our night temperature is close to freeze so I moved the pot inside near window. But I don’t think it will grow well for long season of low temperature, low light.but I will try and see. Your pictures gave me idea what healthy plants look like and at what growing stage it can be dug up


Here are some pic s of some of my potted ginger.
Most of which is blooming now.
I believe any" one " of these pots would provide a good supply , even for a ginger lover
These are about 4ft.
Need to move most of these this year, as there is a citrus tree in there somewhere ? A little out of hand !
Also notice that tan "bark " on them, a sign of maturity, until they turn tan bark ,they will not store long.
As I mentioned above , I will wait until the tops die back , mid Dec. to harvestUploading: image.png… Uploading: image.png(1)… Uploading: image.png(2)… Uploading: image.png(3)…



Should add , I am in zone 6 West Virginia,
So not the tropics.
I just start them early, inside
They live outside during the summer.
Inside now, for the winter
Easy really


Yours look great. What is your potting mix?

I started mine outdoor, very late so they don’t grow much.


Just pro mix , ( very old pro mix), you need to get them growing in like March!
Put them in a place ~ 80 deg ,and wet in March.
Need a long season . March – Dec.


I’m going to try them again this spring. Totally forgot that last. I did grow some in the past but i was a little disappointed at the growth…but i think i got started too late. I’ll shoot for late Feb start time.


Wow, i I am very much encouraged that potted ginger in zone6 , only a zone colder than I am in can grow so well what should I do with my ginger? Leave it grow? or let the top die off and go dormant and start new grow next year?


Yeh , let it grow until top dies back mid winter.
Can remove the dead top then.
Keep a little dry ,during the mid winter, to prevent rot.
In March water…and warm , a little light


Here are my sad ginger plants that got zapped by one cold night last week.

I also try growing galangal, ginger’s relative. They are in a better shape.


Very nice! Filled the pot and 4 ft tall. Something for me to strive for next year.