Questions for ginger and turmeric grower


Those look great! and i see what you mean about the tan tops vs the green. I also love companion planting and will have to go to the store and get a fresh batch for rooting!


Doing some reading. A research paper suggests waiting to harvest ginger until …probably as late as you can.

Finally, harvesting ginger early reduced yields. While it was possible to harvest nice ginger around Sept. 1, yields were doubled by waiting an additional two months. “The take-home message here is that growers should delay harvest to maximize yields, and only harvest what is needed for earlier markets. It also may be worth considering charging a premium price for ‘early’ baby ginger, as it will result in less yield overall,’ Sideman said.

They also saw lower yields in low tunnels vs high…but weren’t sure the reason (ferts/temps/etc). They order the ginger from Hawaii for late Feb …


Just at a market near me to pick up some persimmons and saw this galangal. It reminded me of the statue of liberty quote …“yearning to breathe free.” I don’t have anywhere to grow it over the winter, even though I was tempted to give it a home.


If I were you I would take it home.I can’t stand seeing plants homeless☹️


Ive had good success growing turmeric…
I grow it in a 3 gal pot in winter in a south window. In late spring when ground is warm I break it up and my 3 gal pot plants about a 10 ft row, which grows vigorously all summer and into fall creating maybe 20 plants… I dig just before the first frost and put 3 nice plants back into the 3 gal pot for winter and shake the dirt off the rest and cut off the tops and separate roots for better drying and lay most of it out to cure for a few weeks indoors like potatoes and then put on a shelf for winter.


Thanks for the info. It is encouraging. Trying the same with ginger this winter.


Bought ginger today…plan on starting it very soon…i guess it takes awhile to get going. Need to set up a hot box to get it to sprout.


I put mine on a heat vent in my bathroom and it has worked out well


I might put mine on a heat pad inside a cooler… might get too hot… maybe i’ll leave it cracked. I’ll put a temp gauge in there to see what happens.

I bought some organic stuff from Peru and then some cheaper Chinese type… i’ll try both and see what happens. The Peru stuff has darker skin…i believe its a different variety.


What is everyone’s experience with cold dormancy? All but one of my turmeric’s have died down to the root in my 3 season room.


Yes , mine has gone dormant ( leaves turn brown ) a week or two ago. I keep them kind of dry for a couple of months , then wet and warm to wake them back up


One of my ginger root is hollow now, I just poked it. The flesh is all gone. I didn’t dig it up after the leaves turned brown and left the root undisturbed.


I have had 2yr old root pieces turn hollow.
Not sure why ?


Something ate it? Time to restart for next year.


I grow several pots of ginger and galangal. In early Nov, we brought them all in the house and put them next to our southwest windows.
My house is dry and temp runs 64-67 F depending the time of the day.

After about 2-3 weeks in the house, the stems and leaves of ginger plants turned brown. They subsequently went dormant. When they did this last winter, we thought they were dead. By mid spring, they started to come alive and grew well this summer.

Surpringly, Galangal plants have done well, Leaves are green. Tiny new shoots have come up from the soil. They may not go dormant at all. Thisis the first year of overwinter galangals so I don’t know.

I’ve seen signs of spider mites on one galangal plants and Makrut plants.

Anyone has an organic way of getting rid of spider mites on house plants, please?.


Those things are tough. I just try to wash the plant off (outside/shower) as much as you can. I think the more often the better…just knock them back. Maybe a little soap?


Can I clean each leave with damp sponge? My plants are small so I can do that if it will help.


You can make your own and do rosemary and thyme oil and natural glycerine soap together and you can definitely manually remove them and crush them or vacuum them off with a hand vac, sulfur is also effective but will not leave a good smell for inside. You need to hit them every day for a while and not go more than 3 days between attacks and stay on it for a month or so. Warm water and neem will help but is also pungent for in your house, or you could do the azadarictin route as well as buying SNS 217 a ready to use or Essentia IC3 and mix with a natural surfactant and distilled water for spraying.

I am curious as to why the ginger went hollow?


I would imagine so…just look to see if it is removing them. They do cling pretty well. I usually when i spray them will take my hand on some of the leaves and try to wipe them off with the water. They really hit my plumeria leaves last winter…not seeing much action so far this year.


Washed leaves with soapy water using sponge. Also ran my fingers over those leaves to scrape off any possible mites.

One galangal plant is still in good shape. The only was so infested with mites. I cut off those leaves and left a few inches of stems.

This is a good one.

It has 5 babies coning up so far.