Questions for ginger and turmeric grower


Sounds like you’re already on target with the spider mites, but as @warmwxrules said, a rinse is the way to go. We have a diaper sprayer for my kiddo’s cloth diapers installed on our toilet, and that has completely rid my plants of mites when I get them. It’s a smaller spray area, and you can pinpoint the target area and fine-tune the spray volume/velocity, so it works better than the shower. I think they also sell them as add-on bidets. :shower:
Those are some nice looking plants!


So last night i put a heat mat under my ginger and this morning it was showing 104F inside…oops… hope i didn’t cook them. I’m going to hook up a t stat and a sensor and set it at 80F…that should work better.


Let us know how it fares. 40 C the whole night was quite hot for ginger but it seems to prefer heat to cold temp!!

@jcguarneri - I am a lazy type. If I don’t have things on hand, I am too lazy to go out and get them. I don’t have anything to produce strong spray. Those stuff are packed in a shed which is full to the hilt.

It’s much easier to do what my friend did to get rid of spider mites on his pot plants. He put the plants in a large plastic trash bag. Light up a cigar, blew smoke into the bag and tied it tight. It has worked for him every time.


I just ran across this thread so I thought I’d post a photo. I had some ginger from the store and it had become dried out looking so I stuck it in some potting soil/dirt soil mix. I’d done it before and just put it by a window and watered some (some fert, too maybe?). I used a large, relatively shallow container because I knew it liked to spread out.


Working with what you have is a great policy. Never heard of using tobacco smoke to fumigate a plant, but I see how that could work. That’s thinking outside the box!


Tobacco is a great pesticides. But nowadays, the cigarette costs higher than using chemical


i tried growing gingers here in PNW zone 8b summer was great winter i didnt bring inside it died so i started a new one this time lesson learned its not cold hardy enough. so i keep it in my greenhouse along with turmeric. we shall see what happens this summer.


I grew several pots of ginger this year. Some die to the soil.I didn’t check if there are ginger roots still preserved. Some I know there is no roots, only hollow shell of the roots left. Some are still having green leaves, not much growth apparently. Will see what happens when weather is warm in spring. A part of fun of growing things is to experiment


My ginger is starting to send out little roots… So i assume i need to pot this up now? I just had them in a baggy with some moist wood shavings…on a warm spot…probably have about 15-20 pieces sprouting.

I have a bag of potting soil in the garage but i’m guessing its frozen so i’ll have to thaw it out inside.


So i repotted all my ginger into 1 gallon pots with soil… i’ve got them all on heat mats…i cover them at night and then turn light on all day… soil temp at the top shows about 80F… it’s in a coldish basement but i put foam under the mats and over them at night for now… Not sure how often to water… I plan on putting them outside maybe in May or April depending on forecast…i will probably use low tunnels to begin with to warm up soil good.


Excited for you. Ginger is really health food and the flowers smell nice ( in my opinion). I don’t think I have a long enough summer to get mine to a flowering stage and bloom. My gingers have gone dormant now.

Galangals, its relative, still grow well.


Yeah i’m going to give them a spot where i normally grow my tomatoes… gets lots of sun/heat… Something different…i shouldn’t have to do much either…maybe water once in awhile. I’ll be sure to update progress thru the months ahead.


Another update… some has really sprouted… I put some onions under the light. I switched from using a fluorescent t8s to a LED grow light…so we’ll see if anything changes.


Wow they grow a lot fast than I expected. Mines were taking couple months or more to get this size after planting


I think the bottom heat is helping a ton…i’ve left it running now nonstop…and my new grow light (LED) seems to be working well. I just hope they don’t get too big because they need to go in the ground…but its going to be awhile still… The soil temps are staying in the low/mid 70Fs…air temps are cooler but i’ve tried to somewhat insulate the sides witha bunch of extra foam i have (plus it reflects light)…


I’ve got about a half dozen gingers going now and a couple of turmeric have come up as well. Can I plant them out as soon as we’ve had our last frost or do I need to wait for it to be warmer, like with sweet potatoes?


Check your soil temps…they say 68F to 77F on Google. I’ve got mine on heat mats still…so i still have a solid month or more to go…i’m putting mine in low tunnels.


That seems like pretty toasty soil. Do you think that is to get them growing or to plant out once they are already growing? I’d hope they can take somewhat cooler temps if they are already up and growing.

Maybe I’ll plant May 1, about 2 weeks after our last frost. I’ll definitely need to pot these up to bigger containers if I wait until then. Soil might still be a bit on the cools side at that point still, but hopefully they’ll survive.


I think they need it really warm judging from what i’ve read. One thing says the lowest air temps should be is around 60F… i have some heating cable…maybe i’ll have ot run that under the roots if i plant them out… i’ll have to investigate more on this… This is one reason i’m at least starting them under plastic to keep them toasty… but i have to really time it well…


Myoga ginger is one that can overwinter well for those up to zone 6. Mine does great in the ground. The flower buds are used instead of the rhizome.