Questions for ginger and turmeric grower


If i grow them again i’m leaving them potted in the future…just going up in pot size as they become pot bound. I have mine in the ground but the sun scorched the leaves early on and they are just slowly coming back.


My potted ginger from last year just start to wake up.
How long it takfor the Myoga ginger to start to grow flowers? It seems to me, my regular ginger didn’t not even fully grow before it was killed by frost in the fall


Myoga grows flowers in late summer/early fall. Mine started to sprout from the ground in mid April. I think the young shoots can be eaten too.


my ginger and turmeric regrows from last year’s rhizomes. It looks like it grows better than last year


Nice. Will you dig it up in the fall or bring it inside?

I have some in the ground that are doing pretty good now, but only a few.


I think I will leave them in the pot and let them grow next year. I top with some horse manure, they seem like it


It looks like Myoga ginger doesn’t flower so late. I noticed all these flower buds emerging around the base. They should be ready to harvest in a week or 2.


Very encouraging. My ginger grow well , nice leafs so far this year but I don’t think it grow big roots


Some leftover turmeric from last year growing again, did’t use it last year, growing incase Andrew has a good recipe.


I like to grind the fresh rhizome into my fruit and leafy greens smoothies. I’m too lazy to grate the fresh ones for curries so I just use the dried powdered stuff. Did you overwinter them indoors?


Last year, left them in the ground, but had to dig them up to grow them in a different place, lot of them rotted, what you see growing is all is left.


This is my ginger and turmeric combo from last year. Both grow bettet than the ginger/turmeric I planted in this spring .


Today I harvested some of the Myoga flower buds. They formed around 20 this year after planting 2 small plants last year. Pretty good yield.


Hi! And what do you do with them? Thanks


How do they taste compared to the root?


Turmeric and Pandan filling up pretty good, got to use for something good.


My turmerics are about same size as yours. Are you going to dig them up or leave them in the pot? Pandan likes interesting. Did you grow from seeds,roots, or else?? How easy it can be grown in the pot?


Got small plants from Andrew. Found a way to grow them, easy.


I have a ginger plant and a turmeric plant going here in Virginia 7A. They’re in the ground. Can I wait until right before frost to harvest them or should I do it sooner? I might also decide to break a piece off and grow it over the winter for next year so I don’t want to wait until the top growth gets zapped.


This is used for grilling with meats or a garnish on savory dishes.

@bleedingdirt It doesn’t have as “spicy” of a flavor as ginger root. The taste is greener and more refreshing. Myoga rhizomes are not edible. Only the flower buds and young shoots are used.