Questions for ginger and turmeric grower


Thank you very much! :+1:


Mine are still in the ground too. It is pretty warm the next week so i’m leaving mine go. I did cover with a blanket a few nights it was in the low 40Fs. Once i see 30Fs at night i’m digging mine.


Thanks. If they can survive into the 30s and will only get injured by a frost, I might be able to let mine go until almost November to get a little more growth out of them.


Dug the 1st one. Not the biggest of the bunch. So so…i would have loved to given them another couple of weeks, but the weather is just going to be too cloudy/cool i think.

One thing i’ll do for sure next year is slowly put them into sunlight in the spring/mine got hit with burnt leaves early on. Another thing is weed suppression…early i had a ton of weeds around them, until i put down cardboard/woodchips which fixed that problem for the rest of the summer. I will also start them later in the spring (probably Feb’ish). They do smell really good when you harvest them, the roots/leaves all smell like ginger.


Wow wow, very nice harvest! I would think it’s worth all the effort. Mine are still in the pot. Not sure the roots look like. I am a little afraid of digging it up. But with the cold air coming down towards this weekend. I probably will dig them up. What are you going to do with these nice tender ginger roots?


I really recommend Myoga for those in colder zones. My 2 young plants have yielded at least 30 flower buds so far and I found at least another dozen emerging today. It’s supposed to be hardy to zone 6 but I don’t see why pot culture wouldn’t be productive.


I wanted to try but hard to get a plant to get started


Not sure what to do with them. I have to read up how to cure them. I still have more to dig up but probably do that this week, just was curious if they put on much growth. I will grow them again next year…so easy to grow…just make sure they have lots of mulch/water. No pests/nothing bothers eating them.


I got mine through One Green World. The green leaf strain is hardier than the variegated one.


I would not know what to do with them. Never seen them and don’t know how to cook them.


Same here. I had to look up recipes. They are good in salads, meats, fish, and tofu.


Yours sure grow better than mine. How deep the pot do you use and how often do you fertilize your gingers? I want to improve my ginger roots quantity next year.
Dont cure them. Tender ginger roots are hard to come by. It’s mild flavor, less fiber. I heard the tender ginger roots are good in stir fry with meat where you can eat the ginger root as a regular veggie
I like candied ginger. I wish I had enough fresh ginger to make a batch this year


Uhm, sounds like you are really enjoy just growing them. I will hold off getting any plants till you figured out how to eat them and let us know how it tastes like. LOL


I have been cooking with them for a couple weeks now. The flavor is nice and well received by friends and family.


Thats impressive for inground Wi.
They are not mature, no grey bark. So will not keep long.
Not as long as normal mature ginger. So enjoy now.
Next year I recommend growing in a large pot,
Bring inside to finish maturing.
Can have a endless supply,year round in a large pot or two.


In the ground. I tried pot growing them a few years back and had very little growth. Could be moisture (lack of) or fertilizer. The root system doesn’t seem to be all that huge so maybe they need that constant water that they can pull from surrounding soil in the ground.

Reading online they say the best thing is to just freeze it…pull out and grate it frozen when you need it and refreeze?


Yah , a constant supply of moisturizer , high fertility.
I have good luck with 5-15 gal pots sitting in a inch or two of water.


It is impressive to have so many ginger roots harvested grew in ground. It only had about 4 months of growing (assume ground is warm enough in June) in zone5. But looking at your result, planted it in ground was a right choice.
I do use frozen ginger roots year around. I usually buy large quantities of ginger roots when they are in season(thus lowest price). I slice them and freeze individual slices first (so they don’t stick together). Then I put all frozen ginger root slices in a bag and store them in refrigerator frozen section. They stay fresh. When I need ginger roots, I just take out however many ginger root pieces the recipe calls for. This way is easier to use than frozen whole roots, unless you are planning to use up the whole pieces of ginger root. Once thawed, they will turn dark ,watery, and go bad soon


What kind of fertilizer?
High N?, High P? ,or High K?


WOW, we can eat ginger myoga shoots too, besides flowers!