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Hi Colin - Black Oxford is one of the last of my many apples to drop leaves in the fall and there often are dead leaves still on in the spring. I just pull them off; nothing to worry about. Plus I think it’s unlikely Fedco would send a tree that looks like it has fireblight. I hope it does well for you. I like my 20 yr old BlOx. Sue


Thanks for the reassurance, Sue! That was my belief but I wanted to be sure. I’ll get it in the ground.

Tangentially, how do you like the Black Oxford? I loved the look and history so took a gamble.

What’s the best insecticide for aphids?

Here’s one:

Any dish soap for washing dishes should work too.

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Thank you!

Below is a post I made in another thread from 2021 season (You can find more discussions about the apple if you search for Black Oxford). They are better flavor after a month or so in storage.

Oct '21

My Black Oxfords were darker than usual this year, larger, too, and good flavor right off the tree. It appears this apple liked the unusual long, hot summer we had. And I liked the harvest! The large size was likely due to the “natural” thinning thanks to hard freezes late May during blossoming. But I still got 33# of real nice fruit. REally nice when I didn’t think I’d get any. Sue


The fruit actually was darker than shows in the photo. I had a hard time getting good color. But they sure shined up when polished. REally beautiful.


i almost pulled the trigger yesterday on fedco and bought a black oxford. i believe it was discovered in oxford county , ME. the winter ripening stopped me as i thought it wouldnt ripen in time. got a zestar instead. oh well there’s next year. glad it grew/ produced well for you Sue.


When did you pick Black Oxford. Mine were not that dark but last year was the first time it fruited.

@mamuang - I like to wait to pick them until temps are forecast for the low 20’s which can be mid Sept. to mid Oct. But I’ve had to pick earlier because of bluejays eating them. Mine usually aren’t as dark as the year in the photo. That was a rare one when we hadn’t even had a frost by mid-October (then the temperatures dived down). But the color does seem to be different depending on the year. Sue

@steveb4 - So far these are my latest maturing apple, though I have a couple more that just started last year and it looks like they will be similar harvest time. This is probably the latest I can ripen apples here. I wouldn’t think you’d have a problem with them. If you need a scion next year just let me know. Sue


When topping an apple whip which is around 5 feet tall, is there a specific manner the cut must be done? 45° angle? Straight? Doesn’t matter?

Sorry for the ignorant question, but i’m doing some pruning of newly-planted bareroots today and I understand topping them right away is appropriate, but want to make sure I use the correct cut. Thanks!

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you usually prune just above a bud. With a angled cut (45 degrees is fine)

The bud above which you pruned and usually a few buds below that will usually form branches. And could be the first branches for the framework of your tree.

might be video’s worth watching


So I grew about 8 avocados from various seeds about 5 years ago. They are potted and I bring them in for the winter in my chilled basement. This spring one of them is doing this. Are these the beginnings of flowers?


I am trying to ID this weed, it is growing through one of my raspberry beds.

Ternate leaf and rhizomatous root could be a parsley relative, many of which could be toxic to humans. –be careful

Family: Apiaceae

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looks like ground elder to me Aegopodium podagraria

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How big is your pot and tree? If possible, I’d like to see a picture of the tree.

Most likely, here’s a picture of mine. The young leaves are in the middle shooting up.


I purchased 5 peach trees on seedling rootstocks to trial, I’m not sure how they’ll do in my climate. I have no peach experience and am unsure what spacing to use. Varieties are Carolina Gold, China Pearl, Contender, Intrepid, and Redhaven. Anyone able to recommend in row spacing?

They can grow big and wide. 15 feet if you have ample space. I put some of mine at 12ft spacing, some less.

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I should have 2 remaining rows @ 650’ each to play with freely. Thanks for that thread, it gives me some ideas. In row I have plenty of space to do as I please, and between rows I have 17’ plus a 6’ wide planting bed, so in reality 23’ center of row to center or row. I may push the planting out to 18’-20’. Thanks again!