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I don’t think dried persimmons would release meaningful amounts of ethylene- it is the product of respiration and would require a living plant or piece of fruit to create (speaking as someone with limited knowledge of biology). The concern of dangerous amounts of ethylene to plants has always been explained to me as involving large amounts of “fresh” fruit but I always store my fig trees in a well house with 2 or 3 bushels of apples without consequence, so it must take a lot. The well house is not ventilated and is small.


Here is a list of Ethylene producing fruits and veg.
The low to very low should be ok ? For your pawpaw seed.
A glass mason jar with a good metal lid , and seal, is very impermeable to gas transmission .that would probably be a good choice . May want to ventilate the jar once a month ??
I stratify a lot of seeds pressed up against a window, as my refrigerator is usually full of apples etc.
As Allen said dry persimmons should be low ,to no ,ethylene producers .

There are also products a avalible that are ethylene absorbers, Amazon ?


As to the question of if ethylene is harmful to seeds .i am not sure !
I usually keep mine in a poly bag with peat. Against a cold window.
I guess I never wanted to " risk it " with apples in the fridg.
But so far have not found a reference that says it is bad,.
In fact it may help the germination of some…?
I am going to research this more ,as it is important to me as well.
Any one else have comments in this matter ???


This is an awesome chart. I would have never guessed that avocados released so much ethylene gas. I usually keep 20 or so in the fridge at any given time. I think the mason jar will be fine for my seeds. I have a dedicated small freezer converted to fridge for scion wood and root stock, but I am worried I will run out of room.


Found a raspberry I never heard of before called ItSaul on Just Fruits and Exotics. Said it was found in Atlanta and produces even during hot summers. The description says they are delicious and sweet.

A good tasting red raspberry that can handle the heat and humidity of the South is a great find. I’ve never heard of it before, though, so I’m a bit cautious.

Anyone heard of ItSaul or tried to grow it?


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Bamboo, I think this topic is totally deserving of a whole thread. Please post it.


Hey folks! I’d like to put in some more blackberry plants(Prime Ark Freedom) and I’m just about out of space. I’m curious: Have any of y’all utilized space around your fruit trees for blackberries and did you see any impact to the tree production?


Depending on how close you’re thinking I would say definitely not a good idea. I have PAF’s and they are a very vigorous plant…the primocanes can get 5 feet tall almost overnight. I’m sure they would sap all the nutrients from your tree.

These were 2” pieces of root 10 months before this picture was taken… and they put out suckers like weeds 5-20 foot from mother plant so those roots travel.



Thanks for the reply @k8tpayaso ! That’s unreal that they grew that fast. I would be extremely surprised if they made it that far through my black clay in such a short period of time, but maybe I’m wrong. What kind of separation would you be comfortable with after seeing how vigorous they are?


Beautiful neat garden!


Those are sitting in about 6-10 inches of loam over red clay. You can see how shallow the red clay is in the background where the horses have worn away the top soil in the paddock. So I don’t think they are very picky to soil but I do think the roots run relatively shallow. The suckers come up from about 6” down. I dug up one sucker about 8 feet from my plot and it came up with a root another 4 feet along. I would say at least 15’ and even then they might share nutrients. @Auburn might be able to give you better info. There’s lots of folks on here that might give you better info. I’m guessing PAF’s might love your blackland. I do have mine in the afternoon shade of a big oak tree for some heat relief.


Oh, but, that’s when it was new!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Hmm. I guess I’ll need to locate them as central as possible in my yard so the things don’t run off into the neighbors’ yards. Thanks again!


What to do on a cold day. Guthrie plum grafted to Lovel root. If it takes I might regret having to keep it inside for a few months.
100_4123 Guthrie graft in window


I order Tomcots on peach roots for lack of wholesale access to this variety on other rootstocks. Peach tree borers attack it with a vengeance. Keep your eyes open or you can quickly lose the tree.


I made the mistake of forgetting some apricots were on peach root when doing borer patrols … I lost one of them last summer from that. Since I have to patrol anyway its not such a bad deal, as long as I remember which roots are peach!


it look to me as uneven watering… when there is too much water after dry weather root veggies and potato can crack, then get calloused over wound.


Curious: How many blackberry plants are y’all growing for personal usage? I’m trying to figure out if I need more plants than I currently have to supply enough blackberries for fresh eating and freezing for the year for two people. I have 6 floricane types currently and 5 primocane on the way.

Would adding more be a bit overboard since I’m not selling or do y’all think 11 plants aren’t enough for a 1 year supply once they start producing? Appreciate any advice y’all can offer.


I have about 8 floricane plants (2015) and 10 primocanes (2015). My freezer is full of berries (about 4-5 gallons) I have enough juice in the freezer for 4 batches of jam/jelly. I probably gave away/took to work for eating 14-15 gallons—maybe more. That is not counting what we ate daily here and there. This was my first big year of harvest. I had to cut my PAF’s back a lot last summer so I’m not sure if there will be as many this year but I think I can manage if there isn’t… :wink:.