Questions not deserving of a whole thread


strawberries have done terrible this year for most people.


I have Redskin and a mystery peach starting to get pretty colors! My 1st peaches! Maybe 30 total due to deep frosts.

How on earth do I know how long I have till harvest? It’ll matter with my fungicides, and pesticides if I need those. I’m in z7b, Piedmont of NC, quite near @blueberrythrill.


Its helpful to locate the website for a commercial grower in your area that publishes their varieties and ripening dates and adjust for your variety. Vaughn Nursery has a good list of ripening dates compared to Elberta but I did not see Redskin.

I picked GaLa last week just started picking Red Haven if that helps.


Thank you! I think Redskin is supposed to be more or less with Elberta. My mystery peach is acting exactly like the Redskin right beside it so far. It’s against the odds, but that mislabeled Reliance may be Redskin, too!


Wow, if you are seeing Redskin color now, you are indeed way ahead of us here. Just in the last week we have started picking our first varieties here.

Redskin ripens +28 (Redhaven) here, or a couple days before Elberta.


I’ll take some pictures. They are still really hard, but some colors other than green are showing up. They are my 1st peaches, lol! It’s possible that my Redskin is mislabeled, just not as likely as my mystery one. I got Redskin from a reputable place (tho anyone can mislabeled a tree). The flowers, bloom time and bloom hardiness did all fit this year.

My other peaches all got zapped by frosts, so I can’t compare to anything in my yard.


I don’t know if these pics worked, but we’ll see, lol. Taken today.




Congrats, looks good. Must be exciting to get yer first peaches. We planted 2 two years ago, and 2 last year, and are still waiting on them to give us our first fruit. Of course, our climate isn’t conducive for peaches, but it would be nice to at least get a few.


What variety?


What’s the best way to keep avocados fresh? I read somewhere not to put them in the fridge, is that correct? I just got 9.5# from a friend who just returned from Florida and picked them off her tree there. They aren’t ripe yet, but 2 are already starting to soften. I don’t want them to ripen all at once… suggestions?


It’s supposed to be Redskin and matched that with bloom type and bloom hardiness, until now. It’s so early for fruit! If it looks like something anyone recognizes, please let me know.

An earlier peach that can take two 21 degree nights in bloom is fine with me, whatever it is :smiley: I needed something early anyway!



I’m doubtful those peaches are Redskin. They are clearly in the fruit swell stage. I’m sure you are a little ahead of me here near KC, but that seems really far ahead (although we did have a late spring this year). Did you happen to record when this peach tree first bloomed. Days from bloom to harvest isn’t perfectly constant, but it does give an idea.

As a reference, I took a pick of some Redskin peaches today. A long time till they will show any red, and start the fruit swell stage here.


Anyone know what these are? One looks like a fungal disease. The other a beetle that is massive in size. Good or bad?



Those beetles I don’t recognize but they look similar to the other leaf-eaters like JBs etc so I would give them the squash treatment.

The plant appears to have something like phylloxera, a kind of aphid, but the pictures are not so clear.


Grapevine Beetle. It’s a bad guy similar to Jap beetles. Same type of control.



That’s them guys. Thank you for the help identifying both issues.


Thank you for that picture! Yes, I’m so close to @blueberrythrill that my peaches should be right there with his.

I think it bloomed in Feb again this year due to another warm spell, but I’d have to search posts to know for sure.

I’ll take pics of the fruit once ripe to see if anyone recognizes it. It has to be hardy to frosts during bloom, which was my main reason for picking Redskin in the first place, lol. So it works out :smile:


That changes everything. I didn’t realize (or forgotten) you folks out there bloom so early.

I eyeball scanned my handwritten records this morning and it looks like Redskin takes on average about 4 months and 3 weeks from first bloom to first fruit here,. Variance was about a week either way. So if you bloomed way back in Feb. it would make sense you would be picking Redskins in July. Redskin didn’t bloom here till 4-11 this year.

Peach certainly looks like Redskin from a color standpoint so far (good peach but colors poorly) although I don’t remember Redskin being quite that globose in shape. You’ll notice in my photo above how there is more of a point at the apex.

I don’t want to put a huge amount of doubt, but Baby Crawford ripens about the same time, looks globose like yours and doesn’t color well.


My Hale Haven in Raleigh seems about on track with you. It’s supposed to be about - 14 days, so two weeks after Red Haven and they are in various stages of color.