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What is more likely to steal ripe plums…say 3 or 4 feet off the ground… a chipmunk (which i know is around here) or a squirrel. No evidence seems to been left behind…squirrels will sometimes leave half consumed nectarines/peaches at the base of power poles/trees/.


IMO, unless a manufacturer flat out lies… X% of Active Ingredient is all that matters. Both show:

Active Ingredient: Spinosad (a mixture of Spinosyn A and Spinosyn D)… 0.5%

Captain Jack:
ACTIVE INGREDIENT:spinosad (a mixture of spinosyn A and spinosad D) . . 0.5%

Discounting the likely typo on Jack’s label, I’d treat them as basically identical. If one will kill a certain pest, good chance the other will as well.

Do they not have to pay for specific testing before they can make efficacy claims on a label? So perhaps one company did so for a broader range of pests?

Not light reading:

PS. A poster on a social media site recently indicated they were purchasing and spraying both CompanyA Bug Killer and CompanyB Fungicide. I pointed out that the active ingredient labeled on both was Neem…


Thanks for this explanation. It does make sense.


Is it better to pick fruit in the morning, in the evening, or anytime? Thanks


Anyone know what kind of trees these are? The town has planted some along the street in my neighborhood. The seed pods say maple, but the bark and leaves don’t look like any maple I’ve ever seen.




I saw quite a few paper bark maples when I was in New Hampshire but could not recall the name of that town.


Thanks @wdingus and @mamaung! Seems like an interesting tree. I’ll be interested to see how these do with the salt and heat of being next to the road.


Would members near Dallas TX area , or similar climate recommend a good flavor J plum and Apricot ? Fruit mature soft and sweet.thanks


Summer pruning and rain…

I need to do some light summer pruning on peach, apricot, plum, and apple. I was gone during our 2-week hot, dry spell, so I missed that window of opportunity. There are scattered showers in the forecast now.
How important is it to prune without rain following pruning? How long of a dry spell should I shoot for?


KS - we live in very different areas - Kansas vs Virginia. When I prune during the summer I have the opposite worry, I want to prune before it rains so the tree gets rain and generates new growth. My experience has been that summer pruning does not hurt as long as the cuts have a chance to seal/harden before winter. If the tree does not get rain it will not generate much if any new growth which I usually want during summer pruning.

I assume the reason you are trying to prune before dry spells is you are worried about disease. I have never seen any disease related issues from summer pruning.


Thank you for your reply.
You are correct, I am concerned about disease problems if we get excess rain after pruning. I am already seeing more disease than is typical for me here, and I don’t want to make more problems for my trees.
We have had a really wet spring and early summer, and I didn’t keep up with preventative sprays. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I appreciate your perspective!!!


Updated photo of the mystery volunteer cucurbit I asked about a little ways up the thread. Surely this is not a funny zucchini. What is this thing?!


looks like a pumpkin. Good size.


Hi guys. I’m laying some drip tubbing around a few dwarf pear trees Starting from 1 foot off the trunk and spiraling out word with a foot of distance in between each spiral. They grow so vertically that their drip zone is not very far out. How far from the tree should I come out and lay drip line? For now I have just drilled a few holes in the drip tubing. I eventually plan on putting drip emitters when I get more money. Unless the holes work. Thus far they are doing awesome.

I also have a dwarf plum and apricot that I’m going to be doing the same on. Do I need to extend all the way out past the drip line?


Hi guys. Is there a way to look at your viewing history.? Last week I was trying to read some of a blog about watering with wood chips and good methods. But my webpage was closed and now I can’t seem to find my way back to it. It had about 160 ish replies and was older.


Your browser should have your Viewing history.

For Chrome use ctrl H
For Internet explorer click the Star in the upper right corner and select the history tab.


What a great tip! Thanks for this, Daemon!


Awesome! I found it. Thank you daemon.