Quick to fruit and bloom bud removal

As most of you already know if you want a quick to bear tree plant or graft in Harrow Sweet. I recently transplanted one HS tree and the fruit buds started popping out all over it. As the buds started swelling it was an easy job plucking all the fruit buds off at this stage. My goal was to remove all and not allow any fruit to form this year. On another tree I had one smaller limb of HS and I let it bloom as normal. Even with it being transplanted the fruit set was heavy. With only one limb thinning or completely removing will be easy but having to thin a large tree would take a considerable amount of time. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to start thinning buds before seeing the fruit set but I will definitely look at this method if regular thinning gets to be more of a task than I want to do.