Quince grafting


I know there aren’t a huge amount of quince growers/lovers here, but does anyone have experience grafting quince to quince? I could still order some scionwood from burnt ridge, but my tree is fully leafed and about to flower. Should I wait until next spring to try and graft or go for it?

Would the scions grow if I stuck them in a glass of water and then in a growing medium? I have seen others claim quince are very easy to root.

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Go for it. Quince is as easy to graft as apples and pears are. My preferred method is chip budding, but any other method of budding/grafting should work as long as the scions are in good condition.


I have never tried chip budding before, maybe time to try it.

Thanks for the encouragement, I know I only needed a tiny bit and I’d be convinced to buy the scions. :rofl:

I did a couple of grafts onto my pineapple quince parent last year with random scions. I used the saddle graft as the scions were the same caliper. They were probably the easiest taking grafts. They have some fruit set this year, will be interesting to see what I grafted.

As an aside, I also stuck a couple of quince pruning discards from my neighbor whose quince is actually edible off the tree. To my surprise they rooted and took off.

Here’s some of the pictures…

Here are the rooted quince’s for what’s its worth, one year old now



Wow, the one year old rooted cutting looks great! Quince really wants to take off. Thanks for sharing! Let us know when your fruit sizes up!

Hi, just wondering how you got on with your grafting?

I seem to have trouble getting quince to graft so I wondered when everyone usually does theirs?

I graft apple, pear, plum without any problems but for some reason quince is being difficult!


I use quince “C” as a dwarfing root stock for pears. I use Beurre Bosc as an interstem for those pears that are incomparable with quince. For grafting quince on quince when sap is flowing I use lateral bark graft for thin scions or any of the other graft techniques for larger ones. With dormant wood I use whip and tongue graft. Suckers of quince “C” are hilled as for apple rootstocks. They readily root and are used next season as stock for creation of more grafted plants.

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