Raccoon, squirrel or opossum damage?


Now that the hole is in your yard, you can gas it. Very easy with the little bombs you light and toss in the hole, then quickly cover the exits. You just have to catch the groundhog home when you do it. Mine took two tries. End of problem.


Where do you buy such a bomb? Any brand you recommend?


Someone mentioned also to toss some poison peanuts down the hole will work too.


I bought Giant Destroyer on amazon. I think they would’ve worked fine but I didn’t manage to find a time when groundhog was home. I gassed it and later found groundhog coming home wondering why he’s all locked out. They produce a lot of smoke so keep something handy to cover every bit of hole. I had bags of soil and mulch that worked perfectly. He’s still around and visits my yard but he left the burrow on my property after my unsuccessful termination attempt.

Yesterday I counted 11 squirrels at the same time. I’ve never seen that many squirrels at the same time before. 3-4 the most but I knew there’s more. Now I’m wondering if I see 11 how many more there are.


I mean no disrespect when I say this but I busted out laughing about them wondering home after the big boom. If I set off a blast in my back yard it wouldn’t be five minutes before my yard would be full of neighbors, fire department, and the police department. Glad I only have to deal with raccoons and opossums. Bill


Just want to report that one down. Not sure how many more to go.

Out of 20+ Shiro (a very down year), only 4 left. I picked two today because I don’t want to push my luck. These could be my only 2 Shiro of the year !!!


It is probably only the one, fingers crossed. This is the time of year that the young ones go out on their own and dig their first holes, usually only one entrance.


You can get them at Menards, or other big box stores or hardware stores. They make no noise, only smoke, which you keep in the hole by covering it with a board, sod, dirt, etc. There are a couple different brands. They look like a 5-inch or so cylinder that you just light the end and toss it in. Fairly simple to do. Just have dirt or something ready to quickly cover the holes. There are usually more than one entrance. And hope the groundhog is home.




Thank you for all your help. I think I have more than one that roam my yard. That new hole may have just one occupant but the original hole in the neighbor yard is still there.

There was evidence of fruit being eaten on the other side of the yard. I believe the Fat Chuck lives under our shed( see it run under it many times. He is very elusive. The battle continues.


After feeling good about eliminating two groundhogs in two days, I woke up seeing these under my Korean Giant. Five in one night. Must be a nocturnal animal, either raccoon or opossum. The battle never ends.

Also, my neighbor two doir up the street said two groundhogs set up shop in her back yard, too. They are not the ones I eliminated!!


A wildlife camera would help you identify the thief. Prices are down on them. The cheap ones are under $40 at Walmart, Ebay, etc.


This must be the year of the groundhog. Every gardener I know has been complaining about their gardens getting destroyed by them this year. Neighbors and I have had to deal with them for the first time in over a decade.


we have lots of them here but i haven’t heard anyone complain about them in their fruit. maybe still have enough native food that they don’t bother? i had a mom and babies last summer, that had a den 50ft off my property. seen them on my lawn a few times. only thing they touched was the dandelion patch near the chicken coop. they behaved themselves so i left them alone.


Buy an outdoor camera please!!!


Groundhogs around here are not as cordial. They eat coneflowers, nasturtiums, petunias, apples, pears, peaches, etc.

They only time they eat clovers are when they finish my flowers and wait for my fruit to size up.


After two groundhogs and one raccoon gone, I came home seeing my nectarine got munched on by something. It bit through a Clemson bag. I don’t know a squirrel could make such large bite marks.

What animal did this?


To me that one looks like a raccoon is the culprit. I took a cup of coffee out on the patio this morning and saw that overnight raccoons had stripped my small Honeycrisp of all 18 apples I had in ziplock bags. They ate all of each apple, so they must have been tasty but green. A small loss, but for the first time they looked decent this year for a change! Now I have just 1 bagged apple left to watch and wait to ripen, a Red Delicious of all things that I put in as a pollinizer. It’s 7 feet off the ground and on a long, limber branch so if they get it they will have to work for it!


Damned coons!


Saw this this morning. I think it’s my neibor’s groundhog. The bag of my pear was left on the way to her house.