Rain underperformed


We were getting dry in central MD. All the forecast maps showed us getting about 2 inches of rain from the remnants of Delta.

We got barely 1”. Per the radar, it’s almost done. I just had a feeling we were not gonna get as much as the forecast said this time. As it approached on radar, I just didn’t see it.


Not sure we even got a measureable amount here. I wouldn’t have minded an inch or so.


Forcast for about 2" here in Arlington, VA. Looks like a hair over 1.5 based on my rain gauge with a little remaining drizzle. It was a good steady soaking rain overnight, so I was glad to get it after we’ve gotten pretty dry over the last few weeks.


My part of Howard County, MD seems to be drier than almost everywhere else the last few years.

It makes no sense, and has not been historically true. I don’t get it.


Got a couple of inches here, nice slow soaker. Only downside is my tomatoes cracked.


It was a nice, slow soaker here, too. It just didn’t add up to enough.