Rainier cherry tree producing in So Cal?

I almost took out my Rainer cherry tree after killing 2 other (pollinators) cherry trees. Not to mention the 700 chill hours it needs to produce fruit. After the flowers bloomed I noticed lil cherries growing but we’re positive they didn’t get pollinated. It’s now may 9th and they are getting bigger and bigger. Maybe my neighbor has a pollinator for it idk but it’s looking like I got yellow cherries in Southern California!!!


You certainly do…!! There is a pollinator nearby because I know from experience that it sets nothing without pollination. I hope they turn out well.


I purchased the low chill varieties this January as well but they bloomed before the Rainer so I’m most certainly sure it’s a neighbors tree. Unless it got pollinated from my ornamental weeping cherry tree that was in bloom the same time as Rainer. I’m just glad I didn’t get rid of it. I have hundreds of lil cherries growing.

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Have you confirmed the variety? aka has it fruited before?

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It had 1 lil yellow cherry with red blush last year. A bird got to it before I did lol

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There was also significant stone fruit chill in southern CA this winter. Whereabouts are you located?

It sure was extra cold. I live in Yucaipa about 20 miles from oak glen apple orchards which gets a good amount of snow.

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That’s a good location for Rainer. I grew up in Redlands near the corner of Oak & Campbell. It was a one high school town in those days. Many of my friends from Moore J.H.S. were from Yucaipa, Mentone, and GreenSpot.

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Wow small world. My wife went to the same schools. I got really lucky with this location.everyone keeps talking about my green thumb and I honestly just think it’s location lol. Where about are you now ?

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It is the location. The properties between Yucaipa Blvd. and I-10 were once fruit orchards. North of Yucaipa Blvd. was cattle, and the county dump was under the current country club and the regional park. Bryant was the snow line most years.

Nowadays I’m down in San Diego county, in NW Vista about 100 yards from Oceanside.

Good to know. I’m now growing 25 varieties of fruit trees. That’s exactly where I’m located. Between the 10 and the blvd right off of Bryant.

SD is my favorite place the growing conditions seem perfect ! I still get a little frost and have to cover the young trees and plants.

I have tried cherries (low chill, super low chill, etc) here many times and failed. On the other hand I can grow some banana cultivars. My wife and I are class of '72, and '73.

I went to Yucaipa high school years ago. I believe this area is cold enough for cherries, but not my area. I’m glad Rainer can be grown in SoCal.

I grew up in Southern California and we used to go harvest cherries all the time outside of Redlands. But you are at sea level?

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Google says it’s right next to cherry valley, is it true?

JFYI Rainer cherry is a mirage. It doesn’t exist… :smiling_imp:

I hope it’s OK. I tweaked your title just to improve search results.

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I’ve already had a lapins cherry tree die and a 4 in 1 die on me. But I’m glad I kept the Rainer and now it’s loaded with cherries. My father in law graduated in 69 at Redlands and my step mom somewhere in the 80’s. It’s a great place to grow up

And to think I only planted it when I first bought the house cuz I was thinking how expensive they are at the store. Not knowing it needed 700 chill hours and a near by pollinator. Sometimes I gamble and win lol.

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Definitely not sea level. I’m near the top of Yucaipa which is near the mountains. So more chill

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Yes right next to cherry valley. That’s where I buy all my trees. The cherry valley nursery. It’s huge

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