Raintree Nursery new multi-graft tree


My fruit cocktail tree has arrived. It has Puget Gold Apricot, Lapin’s cherry, Hardy Red Nectarine, Frost Peach, Italian Prune, plus an untagged variety.


Appear to be all bud grafts…but the crotch angles are pretty steep.


Let’s hope the weight of fruit provides a correction.


Is that bad?


What is rootstock?.


My concern is about the two aprocot varieties. They have much larger caliper sizes than the others. If not managed carefully, they will take over while other less vigorous varieties may not thrive.


Looking good, Ulises. I agree that the branch angles are a bit steep. It might be worth it to gently weigh them down for the next season or two. I use this kind or stuff to pull a branch down to a rock or some other heavy object on the ground. Every few months or so I’ll tighten it up a bit to pull the branch more parallel to the ground. Just go slow, small adjustments so you don’t break off the graft. And like @mamuang said, don’t let the apricots overtake the other graft branches. Keep them in check and maybe face the less vigorous grafts south so they have an advantage over the larger grafts.


Hope it does well for you! What a super combination!


Their catalog lists 6 possibilities for the 4-in-1 combo. I think they try to graft all 6 varieties figuring not all will take. If they all take, it’s a bonus. In this case I think the extra variety is a Stella Cherry according to their catalog. I got a 4-in-1 Asian Pear from them a few years ago that had 5 possibilities. All 5 took, but one of them was not labeled. I have Lapins and Stella and both taste very good.


On St Julian and Prunica interestem.


No, I know of no problem with bud grafts vs whip. But narrow crotch angles can be a problem both with a weak limb when heavily loaded with leaves and fruit, and also as the bark tries to grow together with the trunk at the juncture as the limbs grow large.


My first fruit tree was a stone fruit combo similar to what you just received. I have always loved how many different types of fruit I can get from each combo tree. The apricots and peach, in my case at least, tend to be the most vigorous and productive. Nectarines much less so. Plums somewhere in-between. Good luck. I ran out of room years ago, but I’m still a sucker for buying another one or three combo trees when I see them on special locally.



Here it is:


Looks good. You may need a bigger pot soon!