Raintree Nursery perry pears fail

I had a great deal of trouble finding anybody that sell perry pear tree or scions. Raintree did.
It tool 11 days from Washington State, and the trees had the roots all cut off. I would recommend not using raintree nursery for anything ever. Finding perry scions has been very difficult and nobody has extra perry pears for sale. That why I went will them, the trees are terrible and have the roots cut off. What a miserable company.


Try @39thparallel he has gin perry pear scions. I’m not sure about trees. Pear Scion – 39th Parallel Nursery & Orchard Lawrence, Kansas

Did not see trees, but i saw a couple of types of pear rootstocks Rootstock / Seedling – 39th Parallel Nursery & Orchard Lawrence, Kansas

Fedco sells a few varieties of perry pears most years.
Catalog Search - Fedco Trees (fedcoseeds.com)

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Thanks but I didn’t see any pears for making perry, just eating.

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Awesome thanks


Gin is the only perry pear in the list i see. Fedco is a good choice as well for scions.

I got some nursery trees with severe root pruning and they all did OK. I would plant them out. Only if they were damaged or dried out or something like that will they die.

It’s a shame that nurseries do that to save on shipping, is not a good thing but also not a deal breaker.


In case you could still use it, I could get you some Rotkottis Frau Ostergotland scions, which is a red-fleshed pear that I think is primarily used as a perry pear. The caveat is that I’m in 7A and buds are definitely swelling here, but pears graft fairly easily so it may still be workable. Let me know.

I got Gelbmostler from Cummins a couple years ago. You should check them out. I think they sell scion now too. I would send you some wood, but a buck broke off the trunk and it’s not really growing. I have a new one coming this year, so hopefully I have better luck.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I have been very lucky with my purchases with rain tree. I bought the 4 in 1 mirabelle and they sent me a 6 in 1 instead with all the mirabelles listed and green gage. You should send them a message maybe they will send you another one or a refund.

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All my pears from them but cascade has done well. The cascade could have been a user issue with too much shade. Their salmonberry and thimbleberry came dead I am pretty sure so I wouldn’t recommend them for those but I also think those need more water than we are used to getting. In regards to shipping time nurseries cannot control that. That is a problem with the shipper and they use UPS which I am not very fond of. USPS priority and a lot of first class will be 3 or 4 days and get to the destination on time in most cases, FedEx sometimes I have issues with but it is seldom. UPS used to be good in my area but has become lacking in year’s recent with 8:00 PM or later delivery if at all and not getting things here on time. Do I think they need a new package carrier with UPS being the only carrier I have flat out had a ripped open box with missing contents and their horrible yes. Do I feel the carriers bad service should be an endorsement on the nursery or business no. My roots on my pear trees were not the most massive from Raintree but they all survived but the cascade trees like I said. Meanwhile the root system was massive on my standard size cherry.

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I got several different perry pears from Cummins a couple years ago… Hendre Huffcap and Butt. No pears yet, but the trees were healthy.

If you are looking for perry pear scionwood I can help, I have 6 or so varieties

Thank you , perhaps next season?

That’s interesting. I had 3 plums shipped by them to me 3 months after the growing season had started at my local. Shipping held them for 3 days in New Orleans with temps in the high 80’s. A 13 day trip.

They arrived in great shape and still dormant to my surprise. They started budding about 7 days after planting. As I’m sure you probably know, nurseries usually always trim the roots for shipping… Since the tree is also trimmed and still dormant (assuming bare root) this is normal and to be expected.

I even went as far as to say these 3 trees arrived in the best health than any bare root I’ve purchased in the last 5 years… Many of which came from the west coast from different companies.

I guess we can all have good and bad experiences with any purchase from any nursery.

PS FedEx is a nightmare. UPS does better. FedEx often shows the trees stuck in northern Mississippi for ‘weather delays’ that don’t exist. Once it was held locally for 4 days with no one to unload the trucks for local delivery.