Raintree's bird netting

Anyone out there using Raintree’s bird netting? Is it durable? Snag like the cheap stuff?


The best bird netting is sold by American Nettings.

I have that. the mesh opening is not as small as I like but they are sturdy. I have the black cheap ones too that I got from Walmart that was put out last yr and thru winter. still OK :slight_smile:

@Roundface are you speaking about the raintree netting or the American Nettings that Rayrose was referring to?

@amadioranch I am talking about raintree (white in color) and the black one I got from walmart (don’t remember the mfrer. Netting is very fine and it held up very well all winter)

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I have the Raintree net and really like it. I also have the smaller black plastic net but gets tangled in everything. Don’t go cheap like I did and get a net that was 2 feet too short, much cheaper to get a couple extra feet than buy a whole new net.

@c5tiger, the black net sounds like the one i got from walmart it does get tangle. U R right, the rain tree does not get tangle!

Rose’s wisdom comes through again, American Nettings is the best source I know. Monofiliment sucks. Unfortunately, checking their site, they seem to have reduced available sizes of the good stuff- the ten year netting in their vineyard netting category.