Raleigh NC. Anything to see

Hi in a few days I got a plain ticket to the area Anything to see down that way plant related or even music related.

I like visiting forest preserves , and botanical gardens

I also plan to go about 40 miles north west of the area.
I should be there a week, but Looking to get a round trip the site with the cheap tickets was being a hassle (I figured it out getting a one way)

I may take the Train back instead (22nd ),
but if anyone knows of traveling from the area or area’s near by let me know as well I could see myself just heading down to New Orleans if nothing is going on in the area or maybe even taking a different way home from another city

Only if that city is nearby as will be traveling with something fragile , and not interested in roaming around with it.

Oh also I will be in Hillsborough, NC 27278 (40 miles NW of Raleigh)

I can look up online as well just want to ask b/c first hand experience , and wouldn’t mind picking some persimmons in forest preserves as well.

With covid not sure how things are going I see a few garden places
I have a few days to look into these places but I am hoping someone that knows the area might know what is best down that way

To be honest if I do find a Pawn shop with a cheap bicycle I may not even get a rent a car , and just check out what is around Hillsborough, NC , and Raleigh NC.

this below looks closed to covid
I still wonder if they have anything outdoors and is right in the city.
JC Raulston Arboretum - Home Page (ncsu.edu)

Looks to be on way to Hillsborough going SW
100 Old Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
North Carolina Botanical Garden – A Conservation Garden (unc.edu)

(edit ) Looks to be south 10 miles
so might visit that if after I call If I could.

Plant Delights Nursery, Inc., 9241 Sauls Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603
JLBG (juniperlevelbotanicgarden.org)

Too bad the JCR Arboretum is closed. NC has gone overboard on its covid restrictions.

When I was at NCState back in the late 70’s, one of the fields trips my plant ID class had was to an area near Raleigh where the Eastern Hemlock grew. An insect has about wiped them out these days throughout their range.

That place is a nature preserve and still has some “redwoods of the east” as some like to call the big hemlocks.


I certainly agree with the above.

The two best places in the area related to plants that I’ve been to are closed. JC Raulston and Duke Gardens. It’s really a shame that you’ll miss them. NCBG and JLBG both look good, so at least you have them as possibilities.

The state parks are open and there are a few in the area that you can look into. Eno River State Park is worth a visit.

I don’t know much about music in the area, but it would be safe to assume it’s all been shut down.

Good Luck

Oh any bike trails I guess I will look at the DNR (Department of Natural resources) Or trail links which I am searching Now.

Anything I should know

I really do not mind being to myself and have bike toured camping outside so Covid does not bother me in that sense I do like meeting locals , and seeing what is around though are the bars open in the area to stop, and play pool is it like shut down at 8 o clock or not open at all.

having said all that if I had a guitar wouldn’t mind being to myself the whole trip, but do not want to be carrying to much stuff when I leave
I do have to go to Hillsbourgh still to pick up stuff
Guess If I saw one at a pawn shop I liked how it played I’d just hide it on some country road to get on way back when I leave.

Ralston Arboretum, NC State Univ. (But the governor, etc., probably has it locked down.)

It’s on my list IF I ever find myself in the area with spare time.

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so far the wooly hemlock agelid ( may have spelled wrong) hasnt gotten this far north. still quite a few stands left here in n. Maine. Baxter state park if full of them. many animals feed on them so the animals in a hemlock forest are diverse. the older forest hemlock were wiped out by the leather industry at the turn of the century. the tannin in the bark was used to cure leather. luckily the wood has very little value otherwise so they made a comeback. they are a very slow growing so if you see a 60ft. tree it is likely hundreds of years old. i have 2 seedlings i started in my yard. they are 5ft tall and 6yrs old. love the weeping habit they have.


yes I like Hemlocks as well pretty tree’s I remember reading about it getting a disease I thought it was everywhere didn’t know it had a range and the cold might delay it.

Actually, I was discussing with a client Thursday, some Hemlocks I planted at 5 feet tall balled and burlapped in fall 2010 are not 25’ plus. Outgrew Norway spruce planted at same location.
Not always are they that fast growing…I planted some about 15 years ago in Charlotte NC that have grown less than 6 inches per year.

Anyhow, the Wolly Adelgid is somewhat in my area, haven’t seen it in any landscapes but in the Daniel Boone National Forest it’s there…but hasn’t been that bad to date, like it has been in Gatlinburg or Western NC mountains.

It looks like this place still is opening Juniper Level Botanic Garden - Google Search, it’s where the original ‘Eight Ball’ pomegranate variety is located, not sure if you are interested in seeing something like that. They have an amazing plant collection.

Here are the pomegranate varieties that they have https://www.plantdelights.com/pages/search-results?q=pomegranate#/?keywords=pomegranate&search_return=all&Producttype=Punica#/?q=pomegranate&keywords=pomegranate&Producttype=Punica&search_return=all&Active=1

It seems like they stopped selling all the pomegranate varieties.

Fullsteam brewery in Durham makes pawpaw beer

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Thank you I should check it out.
Funny you mention it I was just thinking of pawpaw beer A couple hours ago
I like more hoppy beer, and the pawpaw beer had more a malt taste to it, and I am not a fan of it.

(the bitterness isn’t what bothers me as I like hoppy beer
it is bitterness mixed with sweetness in pawpaw beers I tried.)

What I was thinking though is I got some bells IPA a few months ago
Not what I normally buy but just now thinking how that bitterness aftertaste exactly the same as a pawpaw develops a bitter flavor when they get older as I ate Older paw paws around same time .

Yes a little off topic, but I was thinking to use older paw paws in a wine, to suit my preferences with no lingering sweetness.

I played frisbee golf for the first time this fall near Winchester VA. It was a great way to check out the local flora and fauna as I was constantly searching for my disc. Found a nice persimmon tree.

Look for wild persimmon where there is limestone rocks naturally occurring. Or along rivers and creeks. (Like Pawpaws).

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I looked at the temp You do not think ticks are still out are they
Biking , and camping out I do not mind my plane ticket was $50 a little more expensive then I’d like, but I looked for a way just in case to go to New Orleans (megabus sometimes offers 5 buck tickets that’d be to Altanta GA and then NOLA )
but they are too much so I think I might just stay around planned to pick my stuff of value when I left anyways.

By the way didn’t finish my entire post earlier ,
but Will let you know how that paw paw wine turns out when it ages
just saw after I wrote that they dried in paper box in fridge like raisins surprised they didn’t taste moldy.

edit thanks for the brewery info I wonder if they sell seeds will have to call
Also it is on the way to Hillsborough.

Problem is with renting a car that’d be nice but I got a credit card b/c of problems in Florida at the airport, but after receiving the card out of the mail I misplaced it.
other then that I only have a debit card.

I am here now, and got my Guitar I bought,
but I ended up having a Layover in orlando FL. by choice for a day, and decided to extend the trip so to pay for another couple days, but didn’t do it right away at airlines after asking of price turns out I put more money on my debit card on a saturday, and even after they said It worked it did not so had to wait till monday.

I suppose I will check out NC another time
A person told me at the Hotel to check out a music bar marc’s bar.