Rambutan in raised beds?

Heard that eating Rambutan is safe during pregnancy and they are a good source of iron and controls blood pressure. My sister is pregnant and she is having blood pressure. So her doctor asked her to have healthy fruits. But it’s a very costly fruit and so I’m thinking about growing it in my backyard. So, my question is can we grow this fruit in raised beds ? We don’t have enough space in my backyard. Heard that raised bed gardening is good in such cases.
I have seen an advertisement of gardening experts In the backyard ( http://inthebackyard.ca/ ) from a magazine. They claim that raised beds are good for most of the varieties of fruits and vegetables. Is it true ? Please give me a reply as soon as possible.

I am sure rambutan would like a raised bed. However, it is truly a tropical plant that gets damage from cold when temperatures drop below 45 degrees. It is also a tree and would take 4 or 5 years to fruit if air layered or grafted, up to 10 years if grown from seed.

Rambutan is a relative of lychee. Lychee can take short periods of temperatures to 25 to 28 degrees. I almost bought a lychee at a nursery last weekend but backed out. No room and $45 for one tree. I would have put it in a pot and brought in when we get really cold temperatures.

You might be better off trying to grow some type of annual melons, at least they would probably produce in 3 to 4 months.