Raspberries yet?

My Preludes are just starting to get ripe. The Lauren at the back of the row are about 2 weeks or so behind.

So far no real bird issues, which is the same as i noticed with my strawberries. I’m in the DC area and I’m wondering if the Cicada brood now emerging is keeping them all fat and distracted. Usually the birds are merciless. The blueberries will be the real test.


You’re way ahead of me.

Mine are flowering now, I have prelude too, a very nice strong disease resistant plant.
I’m very excited because my Anne x Polka cross is flowering for the first time. Hoping for that orange berry! Probably will be red or yellow, but one never knows? A yellow with a red stripe would be awesome! Tiger berries! This was just an experiment to see if I could work out the kinks in crossing brambles. I’m going to practice with blackberries now. The seed coating is even thicker than raspberries, so i need to figure out how long to soak the seeds in acid. With raspberries 15 minutes seems ideal, although I need to try 20 minutes to see if I get more or less germination.


It has been a very strange year here. I can’t grow florocane raspberries because they cannot survive our winter freeze-thaw cycles but primocanes are already fruiting.

In Zone 3, I have flower buds just starting to appear, first fruit is probably 5 weeks away.


Josephine. Just planted in March 2017.


My black raspberries and blackberries are flowering and at petal fall but a few are just starting to form green berries.

Raspberries on my Raspberry Shortcake, a container variety planted in ground.
Polka dot flip flops belong to the almost 5 yr old photographer.


I ate the first red raspberries that turned last night. I have a few black raspberry plants with the berries black but they aren’t coming off easily.