Raspberry Container Fertilizer

Hi, I have a few raspberries (Anne, BP1 etc.) in containers with a ~5-1-1 mix. I did some searching but couldn’t find a good recommendation for raspberry fertilizer. Currently I use the following for other container plants:
Citrus - Osmocote Plus (every 6 months) + Foliage Pro (once a month through water)
Blueberries - Jack’s Acid Special (bi-weekly through water)

Which of the above is a better for Raspberries, and how often? (If possible I would like to avoid buying a different fertilizer)

If i just had a few plants in the backyard i would go with Espoma Berry Tone.

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I avoid organic fertilizers in containers.

I use organic and compost in containers. I was a microbiologist and nothing I mean nothing is not saturated with bacteria. Breakdown is really not an issue. Most of the soil will breakdown too. I use organic mulch also. I like to use compost in containers because it contains bacteria that like to eat root rot fungi. Numerous studies have demonstrated this. Easy to google the studies. I do also use chemicals and prefer the slow release. I buy commercial brands sold in bulk. Like Anderson fertilizers. Some of the newer slow release technology fertilizers are amazing. Raspberries don’t mind acidic conditions so I would use Jacks in the spring and also put the slow release in and you should be good for the season. If you want you can boost them once a month with any soluble you have. All three you mentioned are fine to use. I like switching up fertilizer sets as often very few contain everything. Foliage pro does though. Thats very good stuff.

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Thanks Drew. I decided to go with Osmocote (Flower & Vegetables) for slow release, and Jack’s for soluble. Osmocote (Flower & Vegetables) is 14-14-14, the ratio matches 10-10-10 that is usually recommended for Raspberries. This simplifies my fertilization for the many raspberry bare roots that I am planning to grow (in containers): fertilize once in spring with osmocote, and then while I fertilize my blueberries with Jack’s, I can include rasbberries as well.

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This was recently released…