Raspberry hardwood cuttings

Has anyone done this successfully?, I can’t find very much information on google. It seems like a great way to make use of prunings from fall bearing varieties.
I think I will try a handful, but if I hear that it’s easy, I’ll try hundreds.

It should work but since raspberries sucker so much it’s more of a problem limiting new plants than propagating them. I let my fall bearers have summer crops myself. Some plants produce as many as 300 berries in the summer crop. I just can’t get myself to remove productive canes.

Thanks Drew, I am thinking about nursery production more than anything else.

I have seen a set up with blackberry cuttings, but they used a misting system. So I would think it would work with other brambles. I would think it should work better with raspberries. They may need to be misted,

propagated cascade gold by suckering earlier this year; thought i’d then experiment with stem cuttings.

took a stem cutting feb 11 and planted it in coco coir. the cutting and the coir were situated in a 20-ounce plastic cup, so the environment remained humid without any misting requirements. I removed the lid briefly almost daily to allow in carbon dioxide/photosynthesis fodder.

about a month later, roots started to poke through the coir sack, and i transferred the cutting to soil. yesterday, I saw a tiny new shoot poke through the soil surface, very close to the stem. huzzah!

i’ve also experimented with placing cascade gold stem cuttings directly in soil. zero success so far.