Raspberry hybrids With wild berries

We have acres of wild black caps (Raspberries) and red raspberries that have gone feral from my mother in laws patch. Over the last few years I have found some interesting mixes of the two happening. One is lavendar when ripe, looks like a red raspberry and tastes good, a bit more acidic than a red raspberry. The other is one that looks like a black cap but does not turn black-looks like a wine berry actually (but it isn’t-they have only shown up once but it seems to be too cold for them in the winter). It tastes terrible.I may try to grow the tasty one in my garden and see how it does.



Pretty cool having a selection of crosses to choose from so close to you. Prob not such a good thing from an invasive species standpoint lol. Throw a couple yellows into the yard and see what comes of the mixes lol.

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