Raspberry Trellis

My Wife insists I buy trellis and not build them…

After much searching I found these on Walmart’s website.
at $73 for a 4 pack that’s cheaper then the $91 from the manufacture and $120 on amazon. 18.25 each does beat my DIY version project cost of $22.7

Mr. Garden Raspberry Trellis with Adjustable Arms 7-Feet Raspberry Stake, Vineyard Trellis,4 Pack - Walmart.com - Walmart.com

How long of a row would you need this for? It looks like you still have to buy the wire/string to connect them and I wouldn’t be surprised if they end posts bend inwards if you try to make it real tight or the canes get heavy with fruit. But the price is pretty good for what it is.

Some raspberries stay more of less upright even though much trellising or any at all. I noticed my Nova plants have especially strong canes that don’t fall over if I prune them to about 4-5 feet.

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I’m afraid to measure my row since I’m sure I bought to many.

There made by AgFrabric which is such a ubiquitous company I figured if there where quality issues it would be readily know. Raspberry Trellis for garden ,7ftH | Agfabric

The raspberries I have grow very vertical I need it for the trailing blackberries and to give the yard some sibilance of neatness.

In my opinion the raspberries trellis need wires on at least three levels on both sides as not all canes grow on the same pace. Unless you are going to add a vertical wire to each cane this will not help much while plants are still growing. And one more point. Real raspberries never growing as a nice single cane. Sometimes you have to cut the properly located cane and new one grows a whole foot away…


The fiberglass stakes are 7 feet long and will need to be pounded into the ground at least one foot and perhaps two feet for stability, depending on soil. Plus the end stakes will need to be diagonally guyed with wire or struts. Would be interesting to see how much pounding these would take compared to metal posts. Augering a small-diameter hole would help.