Rave apple

Just tried one of these today. I flat out didn’t like it. It was an excellent apple in many ways -nice size, beautiful, juicy, crisp, thin skin- but the flavor really turned me off. Don’t know how to describe it, but by the time I got to the core I was sick of it. Too bad.

It’s a Honeycrisp x MonArk cross, aka MN55.

Your mileage may vary, but to my tastes this apple just doesn’t cut it. Maybe in another year or from a different orchard it’d be better.


I probably won’t be looking for this apple, as I have local apples to eat until they run out. But, sooner or later I’ll try it.

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I top worked my Honeycrisp tree with other varieties leaving only a very few branches for Honeycrisp after a very disappointing experience last year where all fruit were with bitter pit. While it may be that the tree could grow out of it, not willing to take many chances
Kent, wa

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Honeycrisp is not a good apple compared to other apples is the issue. If you want a sweet apple Fuji outdoes honeycrisp, if you want a tart and sour apple PinkLady or Cripps pink will give both better, if sour get a Granny Smith apple, if your goal is disease resistance there are better apples too. I think the denominator of those other apples is they have a stronger taste. Some people love the Honeycrisp apple but many consider it overrated. The first apple I tried was Honeycrisp so it holds a place it my heart but other apples outrank it. Only reason I mention this is characteristics of the parents will be crossed down to the child.

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