Re- evaluating bagging fruit


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Congrats to your nephew. Lovely relatives you have there.

I’ve found that coddling moths, plum curculio, apple maggot flies don’t fly in those large holes. The only nuisance is earwigs. Hate them.


I loaded the wrong photo and reloaded. At 53, I need to put on my reading glasses more.


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I’m going to try using some vegetable oil traps that Stan


Remind me what @stan suggested, please.


This is what Stan
It’s very simple. I use small flat containers (I mostly reuse small containers from Costco bought foods like hummus, guacamole, etc.). Just fill the container with cheap vegetable oil and put it under the plant. Earwigs are attracted to the oil and drown in it. After the container is filled with dead earwigs, empty it into garbage or compost and refill with fresh oil. I try to put the container so its edge touches the trunk to make it easier for earwigs to get in. Most containers I use are plastic, so I try to put them in shade, otherwise they will be baked by the summer sun.


Thank you. Will try this year, too. Fortunately, I like both hummus and guacamole.


I’ll try that! Earwigs are a big nuisance


In case you also like something sweet — a few days ago I bought a package of crème brûlée in my local Costco. It’s packaged in small glass containers which are perfect for earwig catching.


One drawback of this approach was that my cat went around the property and systematically buried each one of these oil containers in compost that was spread around the trees. If you also have a cat they might not be so OCD. :wink:


I don’t have a cat but there are plenty


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Yeah they make such a poopy mess

I only had real issues with sandwich bags with my gala tree. The PC/CM go for it so badly they bite right thru the bags. Does not happen on any other tree.
Only reason i looked into the clemsons.


Hahahaha silly kitty


I did cuts on the corners like that and found curcs inside the bags! Plums and apples were what i trialed the bags on. Some turned out nice and others they got.


I only use them for apples and sometimes pears. I don’t use ziplock plastic bags on th8n skinned fruit like peaches and plums for fear of rot.

Your curcs are a lot smarter than mine. Never have had curc, PC or OFM i; bagged apples. Only earwigs.


Had water collect in the corners of some of the bags and i would find a dozen curcs drowned in the water. I was very surprised they managed to get in the bags!


How wTer collected in bags. My cut corners are so big. They don’t collect water.


Its not thatbpart of the bag. In this thread you will see how i bagged plums which is the same asvi did apples Bagging plums with bread bags. Open to suggestions/comments . I had some success and failures with the method. My technique needs some work and i suspect screen wire is the answer. Imagine organic plums , apricots, peaches , sweet cherries, and nectarines. I know its wishful thinking!


We talked about two different methods.

All I can tell you is that all my apples in plastic zip lock bags with two lower corners cut off do not have PC in them.

My perforated bread bags only work when fruit do not touch the bags and I closed them tight with staples. No way PC or OFM could go in but they can lay egg or bite fruit through bread bags. The material is too flimsy.