Re- evaluating bagging fruit


I cut the corners much smaller. I get a lot of drops, but haven’t actually seen PCs in the bags ever.


I see no use in those large cuts. All you need is to let the rain drain out


I’ve moved into the micro perforated bread bag of Mamuang! After my next two sprays the bags go on. They will go on the pear earlier as my pears are growing really fast! Followed by peaches. I’ve already had bird damage on peaches that are only a quarter of an inch big!


Picked up a drop apple in the bag today. which was about 1" and very green/hard. There was bird pecks all over it. The bird tried hard but never penetrated the zip loc bag. It might be time to spray paint the bags with surround/dawn/neem. This mix sticks to the bag for a long time.


Mrs. G.,
I want tomake sure you know that perforated bags offer no protection against PC, OFM and CM if your fruit touch the side of these bags. Those pests can lay eggs through these bags.

@northwoodswis4, your are in a colder zone. Smaller holes for water draining purpose is sufficient. In a warmer zone you need a wider holes to help with ventilation, too.

@Auburn made his own multiple hole bags, working perfectly for his warner zone.


I will do what you do, I will spray the bags with surround as well. Or a sticker first?


If you want, you can spray insecticide and fungicide on the peaches then bag them. After that you can spray them with Surround. Fruit will be clean as Surround sticks to the bags, not the fruit.

People could say, why bother :smile:


I never tried that kind of bread bag. Interesting idea. Lots of air movement
Im also thinking of just netting my stone fruit trees (4 of them) and using some kind of bag on apples and pears but def NOT clemsons. I tried again today im done with them.

R you spraying surround prior to bagging?

Adding - just saw u and Mamaung are doing surround first. I always did it that way too


Whats yr recipe for that mix?


What is your problem with Clemson bags?


Clemson bags are not for apples. There are paper bags for apples, (same concept as Clemson bags but smaller) but they are a big pain to apply on fruit like apples. I bought those paper bags for apples by mistake. Cannot use them on peaches (too small).

Ziplock plastic sandwich bags on apples are just right, easy to use, cheap and effective.


Anyone using organza this year? Eg.


I do for stone fruit. It is the same as perforated bags. Cannot have fruit touch bags, which is almost impossible.

I use it with Surround so fruit look clean as Surround stick to the bags. Not really needed if you keep up with Surround spray and do not care if fruit look whitish.


Actually I sprayed Triazicide with a sticker, then the surround. So the surround sticks!


The amount of leaf that has to be either pulled or covered by the bag to use the clemsons
Not so bad for peaches or plums bc the leaf is thinner near the fruitlets.


Yup im back to trusty ziplocks


Oh nice :+1:t2:


I finished bagging all my peaches today.

Peaches with Clemson bags. With good spacing between peaches and good positioning of those peaches on branches (I keep peaches that are in a good position for bagging).

With good positioning and spacing, it’s easier for me to bag this year than ever before, I feel my bags are more secure than previous years. (Until really strong gust comes by :smile:)


About how many?


2 full sized peach trees and small ones (one peach, one nectarine). Total bags are about 700.