Re- evaluating bagging fruit

I never thought I would say, I am not surprised.

Mrs. G.,
Here are plums on perforated bags. This is the first year they have suffered from heat and sunburn in the bags.

The weird thing was I have two J plums, Early Magic and this one (lost the tag). Early Magic hardly got burn. This one has serious damaged. I lost almost 50% from sunburn/heat.

@Auburn do you have plums? If so, do you bag them.
I took bags off all plums because we have had 90+ for a few days now and will be over 90F today and tomorrow, too.

I had a few plums but I was a bit lazy and didn’t bag them.

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Oh Tippy, that is so sad looking. And the squirrels are not touching the bags it seems. That I would be grateful for. The heat wave in France has now been extended for another two weeks. I have no AC. We stay indoors and do not move. Watering my trees, is actually a real treat. We both cool off that way! Your plums are just plain sad. I know how hard you work. My apples are on hold right now. No growth. I think they are waiting for cooler weather. They have not even started to russet.

My tomatoes have not done well this year, Only the small cherry types.

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This tree is in the front of the house. Squirrels usually raid the trees in the backyard first. This year I have seen a lot more bunnies than squirrels. They are in every yard everywhere. They are bad for my watermelons.

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Aggressive birds peck through these nylon bags then the bugs enter.

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Squirrels chew off the stems of my bagged apples and carry them off. Sometimes I do not find them, other times I find them with large portion of apple eaten.

@danzeb ,
You have aggressive birds. I usually see bird pecks on unbagged fruit. Birds can peck small, unripe fruit as well as ripe ones. Birds are my worst enemies for cherries, not to bad on other fruit.

Squirrels are serious pest. They chewed through organza bags, plastic ziplock bags, etc.

I use better quality bags, a tough nylon kind on my Euro pears as I like my E pears and don’t have many. Squirrels can still did damage to the fruit.

@Vlad squirrels took a lot of fruit with them. Sometimes, they managed to get fruit out of the bags, took the fruit and left the bags behind.