Re- evaluating bagging fruit


Ok. I wonder if i could use wiffle softballs lol


Do those bags scratch the fruit skin?


@patrick What are those bags made of?


@hambone ?? polyester??


@Reg no, i don’t think so


Looks like max order is 50 bags. Will need more.


I have those oragami bags laying all around my orchard. The critter pulled them off last year and still ate the fruit. I had them tied well. I know I won’t be using them this year.


Ty Patrick


Footies: do you need to remove these from apples before harvest to color up properly?


Depend on your pest pressure. I grow my fruit for personal consumption so coloring is not important to me. I just want fruit with no extra protein in them :smile:


Well if you’re going to go to all that trouble, why not just shape fine chicken wire inside the mesh. This may also offer some protection against squirrels etc.


Squirrels can just pull the whole contraption off


I’ve got a surprise in store for the squirrels: a few hot wires plus several grounding options.


Yes they could, but you could make it harder for them. For example, wrap the ends of the chicken wire around the tree branch to secure it in place, or the bag’s drawstring, for that matter. But it all gets a bit ridiculous at some point.


I just eliminate them all as quickly as I can, to bad it’s not quick enough though. I bagged my trees last year and had great results so I will do it again this year if I get any fruit set. …damn rain.


@patrick- I ordered some of the bags you showed above. How do you keep them closed? The drawstring does not cinch up tight and loosens up on its own so in a few minutes there’s a big opening at the drawstring. I like the material but can’t keep it closed tight.


@hambone. I do a quick double knot (not a granney)
I average what 5 sec per fruit??


Thanks- also were you able to order more than 50?


No, only 50 at a time…and a little expensive but it is a set it and forget it situation, and i think of all the hours i spent spraying and carrying that tank on my back…also i am reusing at least half of them from last year.


Problem: Most of last year’s apple bags blew off in wind, with tiny apples. Is the solution to wait to bag until stems are stronger? Like at quarter size apples?