Re- evaluating bagging fruit


I believe it’s something else, I put my bags on at smaller than dime size and only had a few come off. My guess is they were coming off by natural selection. In my case only.


Thanks. Well then maybe I shouldn’t bag until after June drop. Does anyone wait that long to bag? Do codling moth or apple maggot get into apples before the June drop?

Just discovered Maggot Barriers makes a heavy weave footie that they say excludes both apple maggot and codling moth, which their normal weave product does not.


This year I have tree fruit, so I bought that copper mesh sleeve roll that I mentioned last year. I got it for bigger bugs like stink bugs and Japanese beetles, big green June bugs, etc and to dissuade rodents of all types. And deer – my deer hate anything that would be gross to chew. (I use chicken wire pieces for the deer to protect big branches already).

I’ve been spraying fungicide and for PC in plums and peaches and fruit flies in cherries (except my few little cherries dropped now, lol).

This copper stuff is AWESOME. The weave is smaller than I thought, so I’ll use it earlier next year, because PC might even be too big. It’s also bendable, so I can balloon it out and it stays. I’m waiting till my big roll of twist-tie comes in, and then I’ll put in on and try to get pics of securing it to the branch and over the fruit.

I’m going to mix Vaseline or similar with Tobasco sauce and spread a little on the outside of it, too, to give a hot mouth to any mammal that attempts to take a bite of the fruit through the mesh.

The copper and link size is supposed to be something rodents hate anyway – it’s really for stuffing in holes so they don’t chew into houses and such. It’s supposed to work well for that.


Where did u get it? Might have lots of applications


This is the one I got. I don’t know if these sellers use different manufacturers, so the weave I got is from this particular one:

You can’t tell in this picture, but it’s a knit tube of it, like how socks are manufactured.


Good price. May look into it.
Wonder how it would work for borer and rabbit shield on trunks
Ive used straight screen in the past but not able to shape it well plus black is a heat problem


I bet it would work for that. At least the rabbits, wrapped around. I don’t know how small the links need to be to exclude various borers (my worst ones are very teeny).

I’ll post a pic of the mesh size with a coin for reference this week.


I wonder if I can use nylon socks (because they are stretchy)? Here aren’t opossums or similar creatures, only borers and moths.
And if someone can post pictures of how big must be the fruits (apples) when hе bag them please!


I did this article for DG back in the day


Cool ty Cafeaulait


I know some ppl had insect bites thru stocking but a coat of surround over it may help
I havent tried stockings


@Stan- you posted about using cloth bags on apples. What size bag did you use? Thanks. Steve


I ordered 4"x6", 5"x7" and 6"x8". I use all of them depending on the expected size of the fruit.


@Stan Thanks. I ordered 5 x 7, trying to envision what size apple that handles but just a guess. Maybe I shouldn’t have thinned so much, keep size under control. Do you tie a knot in the drawstring?


I think 5x7 should be a good fit for most apples. I tighten the strings to close the opening as much as possible and then tie the strings to the branch.


First bagging this year. Organza bags. 4x5” on apricots.

I don’t think it will help much against bugs if I don’t follow that by Surround spray. With Surround, the clay will stay on bags instead of fruit. Make fruit more appealing to eat esp. when giving them away as gifts.


I got a quick picture of the mesh baggies I made while it was just sprinkling.

This is the roll:

And showing how you can bend it:

And I put a creamer in it so y’all can see the link size :smiley:


Against squirrels?


Hopefully! I really tied it to the tree, rodents are supposed to hate biting the stuff, and I’m going to smear them with hot pepper too!

I don’t have many squirrels because they get eaten by things out here, but they found my blackberries just the same.


My biggest issue is bugs laying eggs on or boring into fruit. I have only few squirrels and a couple of groundhogs. My primary goal is protect fruit against bugs.

Your copper bags/sleeves look very attractive.