Re-grafting Citation Prunus Rootstock. Best Apricots?

I see a lot of hate for the Citation rootstock online, but it’s done quite well for me. I have many Dave Wilson trees on this rootstock (apricots, plums, and various interspecific plum/apricot/nectarines). This tree was recently a 3-year old Harcot apricot that withered shortly after it leafed out, it looked to be bacterial canker after a particularly wet winter. But I can’t be sure since I never let it progress past the weeping sap stage so there were no real cankers. I haven’t had any issues with canker on my other Citation trees. Instead of removing it entirely I cut it down at the base, after which a rootstock sucker formed. In the ~4 months since, it’s grown to be about 7 feet tall. I’m planning on grafting another Harcot next spring, plus maybe a few other apricots since it developed 4 main leaders that I can use for grafting.

I already have:
Royal Rosa Apricot
Katy Apricot
Tomcot Apricot
Blenheim Apricot
Flavor Delight Aprium
Harcot Apricot
Cot-N-Candy Aprium

Anyone got other recommendations for great apricots for northern California? I generally get 800-1000 chill hours and plenty of dry summer heat. My main problem with getting apricots to fruit reliably has been late frosts that kill the flowers.

There’s good evidence that the Citation rootstock used by Dave Wilson Nursery (wholesale grower) in the past is infected with Crown Rot. I don’t know what the current status is. However, I’m very glad it’s working well for you.


If I had those options, I might graft one to Apache that would bloom with Katy. And you are missing Robada & OrangeRed,- both of those bloom a bit later than average and may assist with defeating late frosts. Goshen Gold also blooms on the late side and would provide you some late-season apricot fruit.

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I believe that would be crown gall not crown rot.

My choices to graft would include Summer Delight which is a late maturing aprium of very high quality. And I second the recommendation of Orangered and/or ilona.

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The symptoms are crown rot. I’ve experienced it. Stan has documented it very well.

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