Rechargeable outdoor lights

Don’t know if this belongs in the Lounge or here, but thought maybe it would get more views in this section. It actually is a garden issue, so I guess it’s okay here.

Was wondering if anyone here has a particular brand of rechargeable outdoor lights that they use for their lawn or garden. I guess they’d have to be solar rechargeable outdoor lights, as it’d be unfeasible to run a cord out to the garden.

I ask so as to use them as some kind of deterrent for varmits, especially deer and rabbits. So it’d probably be best if they were motion detected, as the critters might get used to the lights being on all the time.


I guess it depends on what the purpose of the lights are.

Box stores sell relatively cheap solar lights. They aren’t particularly bright but they are a nice garden and path accent and keep me from tripping when I walk at night without the house floods on.

They aren’t strong enough in my opinion to be a great up lighting source to highlight trees and such.

I’m not in an area with nocturnal critter pressure so I can’t speak to that.

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I believe you are seeking security lights with built-in motion detectors. Many of them are hardwired. I recommend them that way since battery ownership is a pain in the pocketbook and maintenance schedule.

@richard, I think Bob is referring to path and plant lighting. I’ve thought about adding some, and there are some very affordable options out there. Most of them seem to use AA NiMH batteries that you can replace when needed. There may be better options with Li-Ion batteries, but that would def. increase the cost. I never committed, so I don’t know about actual performance. However, the base build quality of most of the units I’ve seen at home centers has looked acceptable. There’s no wiring install needed for most of them, so you just stick 'em in the ground where needed, and it’s easy to adjust the layout if you need to. Downside is you need to replace the batteries periodically, and they should be brought in for the winter.

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I have a solar powered security light I bought at Costco. I works very well. It’s $49 but it was only $29 when I bought it. It doesn’t help with raccoons. They ignore it when it comes on. Maybe they are used to it since motion sensing light are common around here.


The only issue I have with the solar lights is the sun angle doesn’t allow some of my path areas to charge the lights either side of straight up summer.

Right. Maybe something like these…

I don’t think lights will deter deer or rabbits in the least. Motion activated sprinklers would do a little better. But a fence is all that really works.

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