Recommend VACA or Hickok loppers?

Has anyone used either of these brands? I’m considering buying some of their loppers, but I don’t know what else they make? Any recommendations/reviews?

I like Hickok loppers a lot. I first saw them during a pruning demo where the apple/peach PHD used them and bragged on them. I’m not familiar with VACA but I see they are made/sold by Superior Fruit which also makes the Hickok loppers. Both brands come from apple country in Washington state and are widely used by commercial orchards. I noticed the blueberry PHD used Felco loppers and bragged on them during his pruning demo but the Felco are a lot more expensive than Hickok

Hickok makes a the 42 inch which I prefer over the 36 inch. More leverage and more reach but just a little more weight