Recommendations-apples, sources, maybe dual?

Tried resurrecting an old thread for some specific help. tl;dr: Looking for RELIABLE source for multigraft cider tree. Failing that, 2-3 suggestions for zone 5 reliable dual purpose. See below for types I have.

I ordered & planted a cider multi-graft from Raintree spring of 2023; it clearly had a virus (and 2 of the 3 grafted varieties were susceptible, like Hewes), this was agreed to by the local Master Gardener who is an apple ace. Raintree has given me credit, but now I don’t trust them about virus-free (they never claimed the trees would be virus-free, BUT . . . they wouldn’t even admit the possibility). I only have space now for a single trunk, the concept of a multigraft cider tree appeals a great deal. If not, then dual purpose, preferably.

I have a Wickson crab & Rubinette (new 2023), trained to be small

Espaliered/training for smallness Tydeman’s Late Orange , Sierra Beauty, Goldrush, (none producing yet after 5 years, but probably because I was too aggressive with summer pruning).

Thanks in advance.

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