Recommendations for strawberry planters/containers?

My daughter mentioned she wanted to grow strawberries this year. I tried a few years ago with a strawberry pot and they never seemed to grow well. I had trouble keeping them watered evenly. Looking for maybe a DIY type of container that I can build that works well with strawberries. I’m also open to buying an off the shelf container as well as long as it’s functional.

I was thinking about may trying an earthbox or even the self wicking 5 gallon bucket hacks I’ve seen on YouTube. I don’t plan to plant a lot. Just enough to keep my daughter interested.

I used 10 gallon pots before. They worked pretty well, except slugs got a lot of the fruit.

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In your zone any container not buried in the ground or taken into a shelter for winter has a risk of freezing out. So keep this in mind also. Otherwise, any wide type of container, like whiskey barrel, should work. You can cover it for winter with some insulation material, this will keep them alive for next spring.

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I saw some guy that use hollow Cement block to Make a raise garden and also grow strawberries inside the hollow cement block filled with garden soil. Pretty cool space usage.



I have a large 16" pots I could use. And I could overwinter in the garage. Just wondered if there were any creative DIY options that would work well.

I grew and fruited single plants in 1 gallon pots. Just keep them well fertilized and watered. I think strawberry roots are pretty compact from what i’ve been able to tell.

Yes…they would need to be protected good in the winter.

Not exactly I like using rectangular window box type containers. Easy to put another next to it to capture the runners. I rotate them every few years, putting new runners in etc. I just leave them outside, they do fine if berries are covered with straw.
You only need a few plants, and in two years you can have 50 if you want.
I don’t have a good photo, behind these figs is some of these containers.

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Dave, I had the same problem with terra cotta strawberry pots out here in my warm, dry climate, but I really can’t grow them in the ground because of all my snails. So, I found these two nice glazed strawberry pots that I just planted out my Marshall stawberries (10) along with an additional 4 Sequoia strawberries. Being glazed rather than just terra cotta, they will retain moisture better:

There are also wooden pyramid planters that look very nice and work very well, if your daughter is looking for something aesthetic. There are plans out there if you’re handy and can build one. Earthbox would also work well.

Patty S.

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I used “compost socks” last year and they worked well. I basically sewed 8" diameter tubes of weed barrier (24" wide) and then stuffed them with compost. Can’t find a picture of any strawberries but here are some lettuce plants in them.