Recommendations for temperature monitoring

Does any one have a recommendation for a gadget to measure temperatures? I’d like sonething basic to know the coldest temperature I get. I’ve been trying to use some of the closest monitoring stations but it isn’t lining up with my impressions of actual frost damage. Thanks!!

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I use something similar to this for logging temperatures. Its not waterproof so for outdoor use you will need to put it in a plastic bag or something - this will cause you to lose the humidity function though.


Ambient Weather makes a good product from what I’ve experienced, easy to use interface. I use their ws-0265 (can support 8 wifi connected sensors), it’s cheap and fairly bulletproof. Lithium batteries are a must.

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I got an outdoor thermometer by Acu-Rite that connects wirelessly to an indoor monitor/ temp and humidity display. It will show you the highest and lowest measurements. Model 00609SBLA1

I’ve had it in a greenhouse so I don’t know how it holds up to heavy weather. I do know my greenhouse got up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit :sunny: :sunglasses:

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I used to have a temperature/humidity monitoring station that could handle up to 6 sensors. I think it was a LaCrosse. I loved it because it automatically d/l’ed its readings to my computer (it was hard-wired, not wireless to the computer). It was nice having multiple sensors because I could monitor 3-4 locations outside as well as my basement dormant fig room (unheated and cold) as well as my front porch.

I’ve not found another that takes multiple sensors and does what that one did since. Even finding one that does multiple temp/humidity sensors seems to be difficult now.


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I use a min/max thermometer. They come in old school analog and also digital versions. Taylor makes an old school model often used in orchard for around $20.

In order to get an accurate measurement you also need some type of louvered box to put it in. Sometimes called a “Stevenson Screen” . I built one using an old plastic shutter. Without the box the thermometer will record a low of a degree or perhaps two less than the actual temp.

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Lids hi

I think when you write " Does any one have a recommendation for gadget to measure temperatures?" you mean device for measuring temperature. You also said “i’d like something basic to know the coldest temperature i get”, may i ask what are you trying or want to measure of temperature? You said about frost damage, so are you wanting to measure your garden temperature? I think i can’t recommended those as i haven’t used them myself, but i can give you some device which you might want to look at if those fits your need. May i ask what temperature range we are measuring, you talk about frost damage suggest about 0 c? I give you temperature data loggers, those are device which record temperature and you can download them to your computer so you can see temperature and make your own analysis of them.

Zlogg has temperature data logger which have 0,01 c resolution, 48 000 temperature reading memory, measures temperature range -40 c to +80 c, it uses thermistor sensor and logging rates begin from one temperature reading for one second. Resolution means smallest temperature change which can shown, it is not same as accuracy just for mention that for you for clearance so you don’t confuse them together. This temperature data logger has 4 alarms which can count time above or below for certain set temperature. This temperature data logger z1lcdmu have lcd display which shows temperature reading and using buttons you can see maximum, minimum and average temperature. It can make pdf file and i think data can be exported to Excel for analysis. You can see it from this link click there z1lcdmu from product link from upper right side of the site :

Another temperature data logger from U.S.A is but i think it is not basic as it looks to be quite advanced as for it futures, it is from Ohio U.S.A. They have wireless and wired data loggers. If you look their USB data logger by clicking left side of the site products and then USB data logger, they have internal thermistor temperature sensor and humidity sensor. Their data logger can store 2 millions readings, some models can store more readings it looks like so. You can read their internet site of description of this data logger. They can take external temperature sensor in their expansion ports if you buy temperature module for data logger. External temperature sensor might be easier to measure temperature as those have cable so you can change location of sensor without changing data logger location, also if you want measure water temperature those might work you. It says also if you have network internet connection any device is remotely accessible via the cloud from any location. It shows price on internet site of those data loggers. You might also look those specification in addition of description.

Another temperature data logger termio-1 : Pharmacy vaccine ( -100°C) monitoring storage industrial temperature probe data logger Termio-1 measures temperature over the range of -100°C to 220°C with 0.01°C resolution.

It is RTD temperature data logger, which uses PT-1000 sensor. It have external temperature sensor for -50 c to + 300 c and resolution is 0,01 c. Take a look at those images, you might also look that video on that site. It shows data logger have 0,07 c accuracy. Note that probe can be custom made, different lengths but i think you might need to contact them before you buy. You also need to buy that cradle which is in related product section. It have 32 000 readings memory.

Another temperature data logger is El-sie-1 which measures temperature from -18 c to +55 c, it have over 1 000 000 readings memory. There is also version which have also humidity readings. Temperature data logger resolution is 0,01 c. It is internet based, no software to install. It have display which shows temperature. Here is the link : EL-SIE-1 Temperature Data Logger - Lascar Electronics

This was some temperature data loggers, as Lids asked some device for measure temperature. Hopefully this is helpful and give you some information about measuring temperature.

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Sorry i need correct little bit about last item, i wrote it is internet based, i forgot one word from it, it should have been it is internet browser based. I guess you could have figured it out on internet site, but i guess it is good to correct it right way. Did you found any of those useful or did you just asked information about temperature monitoring devices?